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An Albany Academy for Girls education provides students with single-gender opportunities, rigorous academics and an accepting Pre-K through Grade 12 community. At Albany Academy for Girls, we provide a welcoming environment of mutual respect, understanding, inclusion and a feeling of belonging. There is a unique sense of community where our youngest and oldest students have opportunities to learn from each other and that all Academy girls can feel invested in.
We provide a learning environment that meets the educational needs of girls with a "blend at the end," offering coeducational classrooms for honors classes and Grades 11 & 12. Faculty and staff are sensitive to the distinct social, emotional and educational needs of girls and boys, acknowledging that girls and boys learn at different rates and in different ways. Our stimulating and rigorous programs provide the foundation for girls to be successful in college and in life.
Through participation in our student life programs, girls are given every opportunity to succeed in whatever academic, athletic or artistic area they choose. At AAG, girls are provided with a supportive community of peers and faculty members who encourage students to learn more and enable them to succeed. This atmosphere of mutual self-respect and academic rigor provides Academy girls with the ability to grow and develop in a nurturing environment. AAG students are proud to attend such a distinctive institution and this pride propels them to take care of and support the school, themselves and each other.
Our academics, arts and athletics programs reflect a commitment to making learning a lifelong passion for students, emphasizing the value of off-campus opportunities, and a desire to foster understanding, appreciation and respect for others.
At Albany Academy for Girls, students and faculty alike have high expectations for themselves and their peers. Whether in the classroom, music room or playing field, our students constantly strive to reach their full potential. We look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,
Wendy Muhlfelder '67
Associate Head of School
Albany Academy for Girls
Code of Honor

As members of the Academy community, we acknowledge that our individual actions and attitudes affect the wellbeing of others as well as the school as a whole. We believe that our community must be built on trust and mutual respect which will encourage each member to reach his or her unique potential.

To this end, we will strive to foster the ideals of honesty, tolerance, and integrity both in ourselves and in others. We recognize that we must have the courage to support and affirm one another and to conduct ourselves with civility in all aspects of our lives. Through self-discipline, commitment, and mutual support, these goals of personal growth and pride in our school community will be achieved.
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