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AA Varsity Hockey
2010 - 2011
Head Coach: Eric Cavosie
A sound attitude and advanced level of skill are pre requisites for a position on the varsity team, as is the realization that a varsity sport may require a six day a week commitment. This commitment may extend into vacation periods for sports seasons. The dedication and commitment needed to conduct a successful varsity program must be taken seriously by all student/athletes, and coaches' efforts need to be supported by parents. While contest participation over the course of the season is desirable a specified amount of playing time at the varsity level is never guaranteed. Preparing to win, striving for victory in each contest, and working to reach the groups and individual's maximum potential are worthy goals of a varsity team.

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Overall Statistics:

5Alton Daley IV '116'0 195 F

22Conor Riley '116'1 170 F

18Derek Barach5'6 130 F

9Justin Brock '125'8 140 F

27Alexander Cavert '116'2 170 D

3Cory Cummings5'9 170 F

15Jack Esler '126'0 145 D

Aidan Flanagan '14

39Benjamin Halford '116'2 190 G

1Aaron Hebert '115'8 155 G

33Joshua Holmes '115'11 200 G

20Tyler Hynes '125'9 165 F

19Mark Knowlton '125'6 145 C

2Jacob Lahut '136'1 215 D

13Anthony Langevin '125'10 155 C

14David Limoges '115'11 175 C

10Daniel Mainello '135'8 155 D

11Evan O'Brien '125'8 140 D

12Matthew Orenstein '116'4 200 F

26Nicholas Pichette '115'7 150 F

6Ryan Secor '115'11 165 D

4Jeffrey Taylor '125'11 160 D

8Ryan Thyrring '115'4 145 F

7Gregory Warnken '115'8 150 C

17Drazen Zack '126'4 220 D