Albany Academy for Girls

Albany Academy for Girls was founded in 1814 on the then-revolutionary principle that girls and women are deserving and capable of higher education and socially engaged lives.

Today that same dedication to the education of girls as the leaders of tomorrow still thrives and animates the school. The world has changed much since 1814, but the goal of preparing girls for leadership remains the same. 

Highly qualified faculty, small classes, high academic standards, and individual attention develop girls who are very ready to take on life with high expectations.

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  • Knowledge

    Academy challenges girls to rise to levels of accomplishment they themselves did not know possible.
  • Skills

    Students at Albany Academy for Girls learn how to think for themselves, how to problem solve and think creatively with others, how to work hard, manage their hours, and strive for excellence in the classroom and the playing field.
  • Character

    AAG believes that confidence and inner strength are the ultimate determinants of a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling life.
  • Leadership

    Through participation in our student life programs, girls are given every opportunity to succeed in whatever academic, athletic or artistic area they choose.

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  • Code of Honor

    As members of the Academy community, we acknowledge that our individual actions and attitudes affect the wellbeing of others as well as the school as a whole. We believe that our community must be built on trust and mutual respect which will encourage each member to reach his or her unique potential.

    To this end, we will strive to foster the ideals of honesty, tolerance, and integrity both in ourselves and in others. We recognize that we must have the courage to support and affirm one another and to conduct ourselves with civility in all aspects of our lives. Through self-discipline, commitment, and mutual support, these goals of personal growth and pride in our school community will be achieved.

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