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As we move into our 205th year of educating tomorrow’s leaders, our values and vision remains the same: developing moral and performance character and preparing young men for success for the world they will face. The mission of The Albany Academy has been flexible to meet the needs of the community. Currently, we employ methods of active learning through individualized and positive education philosophies to prepare our students for the creative and entrepreneurial future that lies ahead.  
Now, more than ever, our community has embraced the theory of social justice to promote acceptance, valuing all the many forms of diversity, and challenging injustice at every step. The student leaders of the Academy continue to take steps toward harmony. 
Our incumbent Student Council President, RJ Narravula, included these words in his address to our community, “The success of our school hinges on the acceptance of others. My goal and that of our Student Council is to promote that understanding amongst people. It begins on campus with students who will be returning next year. However, it also extends to the seniors, who have the opportunity to spread a positive ideology to those around them. Thus, I ask that you face the world before you with an open mind. Together, we have a lot to achieve.”
These words, from a student perspective, lend to the understanding of the positive, socially just culture at The Albany Academy. I invite you to experience the transformative education that we offer first hand by visiting our community. I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
Dr. M. Scott Milliken P'14,'16,'19,'31,'31
Associate Head of School, The Albany Academy

About Dr. M. Scott Milliken

Dr. M. Scott Milliken has been a dedicated member of The Albany Academy since 1996. He began his career at the Academy as a Mathematics Teacher before serving as Mathematics Department Chair from 2000-2005. Dr. Milliken served as the AA Middle School Director from 2003-2006 until his appointment as Upper School Director of AAG & AA. In 2009, he was appointed Associate Head of School of The Albany Academy.

Dr. Milliken is the parent of six children, five of whom attend/ed AAG or AA. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Springfield College and a Master's Degree from The College of Saint Rose. Dr. Milliken recently completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Educational Philosophy

Dr. Milliken’s educational philosophy includes three main facets: social justice, the whole-child experience, and transformative education. Ultimately, his philosophy begins and ends with knowing and understanding each student. Areas of focus must include academic readiness, emotional and social competency, personality, interests, and motives. Actively considering the whole child allows for a truly transformative experience that values the individual in a just, inclusive, and equitable manner.

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