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Thank you for your interest in The Albany Academies.

We appreciate how challenging it can be as you research your options for your child's education.
The value of an exceptional education has never been higher. As we navigate a world that requires resilience, resourcefulness, and proactivity, our children will need to be guided by expert educators who are role models as well as masters of their subjects. 
The Albany Academies teach students to pursue a life guided by a strong sense of character and a commitment to improving the lives of others. Through a combination of academics, athletics, extracurriculars, and community life, our students will learn the importance of challenging themselves, collaborating with others, and learning from both successes and defeats. The ultimate outcome of developing these skills is that our students will learn to put ideas into action and turn ambition into achievement.
The relationships that children form with their teachers is of paramount importance in achieving these outcomes. Faculty at The Albany Academies will make sure that your child gets the individual attention and support that they need to realize their potential. While we want our students to be independent and enterprising, we know that they will achieve this best within a framework of structure and guidance. Our small class sizes and the quality and commitment of our teachers allow us to provide those supports for all students. 
We encourage you to contact us to learn more - or better yet; come and visit us at Academies. Thank you for considering The Albany Academies and we look forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards,
Nicholas Forcier
Director of Admissions & Enrollment
P: (518) 429-2348
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    Nicholas Forcier 

    Director of Admissions & Enrollment
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    Shellie Carr 

    Assistant Director, Admissions & Enrollment
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    Richard Puccio 

    Assistant Director, Admissions & Enrollment and Head Football Coach

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