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  • Q. What are your school hours?

    School hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Q. What are some highlights that I won't find at other schools?

    • Middle School students consistently place in regional science competitions, have many public speaking opportunities and have technology integrated throughout the curriculum.
    • Middle School students take grade level field trips to locations such as Lake Placid, Space Camp (Canada), New York City, Washington, D.C., Vermont and more.
    • Students in Grades 5-12 have their own advisor with whom they meet several times each week for personalized guidance. Once in Upper School, this is expanded to include regular meetings with the college counselor.
    • Students may begin competing on Varsity and Modified athletic teams in Seventh Grade. Programs include lacrosse, swimming and diving, tennis, hockey, cross-country, track and field, basketball, volleyball and skiing.
    • Nearly 100 percent of our teachers hold degrees in the subjects they teach (compared with 25 percent nationally).
    • Seniors conduct May Projects, in-depth experiences in fields in which they are interested. Past projects have included internships in medicine, law, politics, furniture design, education, equestrian studies and athletics.
    • Upper School students consistently place in the Intel Science Competition and publish scientific research through independent study. Past research projects have included breast cancer and fetal alcohol syndrome. Academies students continue to study science at the nation’s top colleges and universities, including medical and veterinary schools.
    • Seniors are required to make a Senior Speech to the entire Upper School. These public speaking opportunities are invaluable to our graduates as they enter a world of change, challenge and opportunity.
    • Every student works individually with our experienced college counselors. Virtually 100 percent of all graduates continue their education at competitive four-year colleges and universities.
    • Pre-School and Pre-K programs reap the benefits of being part of a PS - 12 program through weekly participation in enrichments in the arts, sciences and physical education classes. 
    • The Early Childhood program is the launching pad to a rich and challenging educational program. Our early childhood teachers have created balanced and age appropriate curricula that both engage and challenge our young learners, while also making time for play, choice times, and creative expression.
    • Our Core Values are the foundation of our school and are taught in the early years through literature, history, and special programs throughout the year, nurturing good character in both social and academic endeavors. 
  • Q. What are the advantages of single-gender education?

    A substantial body of scholarly research confirms the advantages of single-gender education. Students are more likely to succeed at school, more likely to take math and science courses, and more likely to continue their education than their peers in a coeducational setting. At a school with single-gender instruction, students can learn without social pressures. The result is a growth in competence that leads to greater self-esteem and an attitude that girls and boys can accomplish anything.
  • Q. What is the Coordinate Program?

    This unique program provides Upper School students with single-gender and coeducational classes during their four years in Upper School. Students in Ninth & Tenth Grade take part in single-gender courses in English, History, Math and Science. Honors Math and Science Courses, Arts, Languages and Technology, and core courses in Eleventh & Twelfth Grade are coeducational. Students retain all the advantages of a single-gender school while experiencing coeducation and a broader range of courses and numerous electives. More than 200 students take more than 60 courses, including 17 Advanced Placement courses, through the Coordinate Program. Students benefit from these opportunities while remaining single-gender for most school activities: they hold student offices; captain their own teams; and single-gender advising groups, clubs and leadership opportunities.
    Students also have the opportunity to participate in select coeducational extracurricular activities such as dramatic productions, a Model United Nations club, ski club, dances and other social events. While the academic program is coeducational only at the Upper School level, students from Preschool on enjoy shared activities with their counterparts such as joint assemblies and field days.
  • Q. How rigorous are your admissions standards?

    Our admissions standards are selective and depend on space availability. We are seeking students who will be successful in a college preparatory program and contribute to our school community, and for whom the Academy is a good overall match.
  • Q. Is financial aid available?

    Yes. We are committed to maintaining a strong, diverse student body. Approximately 30 percent of our students receive financial aid. The financial aid program for Grades 1-12, based solely on need, helps student enroll regardless of their financial circumstances. No full scholarships are given.
  • Q. What arrangements do you have for transportation?

    Most school districts provide bus transportation if a student in the district lives within 15 miles of The Albany Academies. These arrangements should be made with your home district directly. Forms can be found on your home district website and on The Albany Academies website. 
    The Albany Academies provide bus transportation from Saratoga and surrounding communities to the Academies. Currently, The Albany Academies is offering two runs. One is to Saratoga and the other is to Cobleskill/Schenectady.

    The Academies will pick-up and drop-off students from three locations in Saratoga off Northway Exit 9, 12, and 15.

    The Academies will also pick-up and drop-off students from three locations in the Cobleskill/Schenectady area. The Cobleskill Park and Ride, Exit 23 (off I-88), and Exit 25 (Motel 6, 2700 Curry Road)

    The bus, which can typically seat 42, will make these runs allowing students to participate in after-school programs and athletics. Wif-fi is available on our Saratoga Run.

    For more information on bus service to Saratoga or Cobleskill, please contact Katie Conroy ( or Pam MacAffer ( at (518) 429-2300.
  • Q. Do we have to purchase books?

    Your local school district is required to provide a certain percentage of the textbooks you will use at The Albany Academies. When you enroll, you will receive a list of required books along with a school district form. Our Registrar will submit this form to your school district. Books will be available in the late summer.
  • Q. Do students wear uniforms?

    Yes, all students wear uniforms. Requirements differ for Lower, Middle and Upper School students. Uniform guidelines and ordering information are distributed at the time of enrollment and can be found here.
  • Q. Do you offer before and after school programs?

    We offer an Early Bird program at no cost from 7:15-8:00 a.m. each morning. The Extended Day Program (for Pre-K through Grade 8) begins each day at 3:20 p.m. and runs until 5:30 p.m.

    The Extended Day Program includes a snack, free-play, structured activities and enrichment activities. Families are charged only for the time a child is in attendance; the program can be used one day a year or every day.
  • Q. What are your application and financial aid deadlines?

    Completed applications filed before February 15 will be given preference. When classes are full, we create waiting lists by date of acceptance. To be placed on the wait list, you must complete the application process and be accepted.
  • Q. How can I get more information on admissions and financial aid?

    Please contact Admissions Associate Shellie Carr at (518) 429-2348 or for more information about admissions and financial aid.


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