At a Glance

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  • 705

    Students Enrolled
  • 45%+

    Of students receive tuition assistance
  • 6:1

    Student to Faculty Ratio
  • 80%

    Of our faculty hold advanced degrees
  • 100%

    Nearly 100% of our teachers hold degrees in the subjects they teach – compared with 25% nationally
  • 14

    Average Class Size
  • 30+

    Clubs Available to Upper School Students
  • 27

    Varsity Athletic Teams

Learn More About the Academies

  • Languages offered: Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish
  • Lower, Middle and Upper School students participate in various aspects of the performing arts
  • Middle School students consistently receive top honors in regional science competitions
  • Upper School students are required to participate in an innovative Leadership Program
  • Advising program for students in Grades 5-12 recognized as being unique in the region
  • Students and faculty participate in two Community Service Days annually that help benefit more than 30 nonprofit organizations in the region
  • Seniors are required to participate in internship and experiential educational opportunities in fields in which they are interested


As you learn about the Academies on this website and through personal visits, you will see that the school practices a distinctive form of education that promotes leadership within the school in preparation for leadership in one's life. Our goal is to achieve self-motivated, self-directed learners, capable of doing their own work to a high academic standard. Throughout their years here, students are thrust in positions of responsibility in which they must “stand and deliver.” The mission of the school affirms the importance of leadership education, character, and creative thinking in preparing students for achieving fulfillment and success in the entrepreneurial century.

Single Gender Education

The Albany Academies practice “single gender education with a blend at the end.” The Lower School (Pre-K through Grade 4) and the Middle School (Grades 5-8) are all girls at Albany Academy for Girls and all boys at The Albany Academy. The Upper School begins to blend some activities in the 9th and 10th grades; the Junior and Senior Years are fully coeducational classrooms, but maintain the integrity of the two schools in athletics, events, leadership, traditions, and identity.

A Truly Caring Community

At the Academies there is no anonymity. Every student is known and loved by every staff and faculty member—even when it is “tough love.” When our graduates speak about what was most important to them, what stands out is that the Academies are a strong community that appreciate and cultivate each student's uniqueness. Students form lifelong ties with their schoolmates; they become bonded while at the Academies, and then forever.

Character Education

Discipline and character development are tremendously important at The Albany Academies. From the earliest grades students are called to the high standard of being an "Academy Girl” or an "Academy Boy.” Visitors to our schools always remark on how courteous and helpful Academy students are. How does this come about? Dress Code is important. Ethical codes are even more important. Self-discipline is important. Ask a fourth grader what the definition of integrity is and you will hear, “Doing the right thing even if no one is watching.” Serious attention is paid to the Core Values throughout a student’s time here. Ultimately, firmly built character translates to success in life.

The Extraordinary Faculty

Teachers at the Academies know every student well. Small classes and individual attention are our hallmark. They know how to bring their students forth as confident young men and women. They are passionate about their work of blending challenge and support -- the two basic ingredients of learning. If you are looking for small classes full of smart students, teachers who know and love your children, and the most advanced pedagogical practices, these are points of pride at the Academies.

At the Forefront of Education Practices

The Albany Academies stand on the other side of the educational spectrum from the Common Core Curriculum and (in our view) the over-emphasized Assessment Movement. We have our own very high academic standards; however, we believe that in addition to “knowing your stuff” students need to develop the 21st century skills found in product- and project-based education. Project-based education starts in the earliest years and remains important in high school through declamations, senior speeches, theatrical productions, and Senior Projects, to mention just a few.

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