Bacon Bat/House Day

Bacon Bat is one of the oldest and strongest traditions at the Albany Academy for Girls and was founded in 1909 by Ruth Miner. She conceived of a field day for Upper School girls where each grade competed in events, with an emphasis on building school spirit and a sense of esprit de corps. The events include athletic games such as kickball and capture the flag, but  also competitions for cake decorating and song writing for the class with the best spirit. Each class will dress in their perspective themes.

Mini Bat is a foreshadowing event for our girls in lower and middle school, Mini-Bat is an afternoon event for those divisions on the day of Bacon-Bat. Mini-Bat is a one and a half hour collaborative and competitive games experience for Pk through 6th, led by the 8th Grade Junior Ambassadors and the Student Council.  This is a dress-down day and students are requested to wear blue or gold tee shirts based on their grade.

House Day is a full day of traditional competitions at The Albany Academy. It will be a House-shirt dress-down day. Athletic shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sneakers are all appropriate for the day. All students and faculty should be dressed in House colors. Beck (Red), Gates (Blue), Olcott (Orange), Henry (Green)

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