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Mr. Jeffrey L. Sitzer and Ms. Catherine Adlerman P'24
Ms. Shellie and Mr. David Carr P'19, '21
Mr. Thomas F. Cassidy and Ms. Nancy Carey Cassidy P'13, '15, Trustee
Ms. Eileen M. Considine P'08, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard L. Conway '82, P'23
Ms. Kristen and Dr. Michael Dinkels P'28, '28
Dr. Kyle R. Flik and Dr. Anna Flik P'18, '23, '26, Trustee

Dr. Susan and Mr. William Gannon P'11, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haworth P'22, '25
Mrs. Margaret Lamar King '65
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lauricella P'20, '22
Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Lewis McCauley P'21, '24
Dr. Fran'Cee Brown-McClure P'27, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lasch P'20, '22, Trustee
Dr. Sean M. Rafferty and Dr. Laurie Miroff P'24
Ms. Jennifer Murphy-Fries
Mr. Cornelius D. Murray '62, P'99, '05, '06, Trustee
Dr. Stewart C. Myers '58, Trustee
Ms. Dolly Patel and Mr. Neerav R. Patel '96, P'31, Trustee
Drs. Keith and Stephanie Payton, D.V.M. P'21, '23
Dr. Isidro Borboa and Ms. Amy O'Hara P'27, '28
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Plante P'20, '22
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Robin Siskin P'24
Ms. Elissa & Mr. Justin Smith '96, P'23, P'26
Ms. Eileen F. Spiro '05, Trustee
Dr. Anne L. Barba and Mr. Michael Strianese P'25, '28
Mr. Spencer K. Warnick and Ms. Jennifer Amstutz, P'19, '21, Trustee
Ms. Nancy Wekselbaum '69, Trustee
Mrs. Ann F. Wendth
Mr. Robert F. Witko '84

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