This year’s Legacy of Dreams, the only annual fundraising event to benefit athletic programs and the over 50 teams at The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls, will take place on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Recovery Sports Grill in Albany. This location is the perfect venue to enjoy some great pub fare and drink, meet new families and friends and support athletics at the Academies.

Legacy of Dreams 2018

Honorary Committee

Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Becker '04, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Belleville, Jr. '89, Trustee
Mr. M. Christian Bender '78, P'15, '20 
Mr. Jak and Mrs. Sharon Bestle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burke P'19, '21
Mr. Thomas F. Cassidy, Jr .and Mrs. Nancy Carey Cassidy P'13, '15, Trustee
Mrs. Eileen M. Considine P'08, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Danes P'22, '26
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Donohue P'24, '26
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Flaherty P'15, '21, Trustee
Dr. Anna Flik and Dr. Kyle R. Flik P'18, '20, '23, '26, Trustee
Ms. MaryKay McGuire P'21, '24 and Mr. Nathan Forbes P'19, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Franchi P'19
Mrs. Jennifer E. Murphy-Fries and Mr. Ryan D. Fries
Ms. Courtney Goyer P'22
Ms. Angelina McGrath and Mr. John A. Graziano, Jr. P'16, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koenig P'17, '20, '23
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Kristin Lauricella P'20, '22
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lasch P'20, '22
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Leary P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Scott LedDuke '98, P'25, '28, '30
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Lyons P'15, '21
Dr. Hyacinth Mason P'19, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McCauley P'21, '24
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Meigher '70, P'09, '12, '22
Dr. Jason Mouzakes P'16, '19
Dr. Stewart C. Myers II '58, Trustee
Dr. Dolly Patel and Mr. Neerav R. Patel '96, P'31, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Plante P'20, '22
Mr. Mark Frazier and Ms. Alexandra Poole P'24
Ms. Elizabeth O'Haire P'20, '21
Dr. and Mrs. David W. O'Keeffe '48, P'79, '82, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ottati P'21, '22
Ms. Eileen Riley GP'22
Mr. John P. Casellini and Ms. Christine Rutigliano P'22, '25
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Kaari Stannard P'20, '23, Trustee
Mr. James  and Mrs. Melissa Thompson P'20
Dr. Mary Ellen Ehlers and Dr. Ferdinand J. Venditti, Jr.P'03, '14, '15, Trustee
Dr. Yunfei Huang and Dr. Xinjun Zhu P'19

Planning Committee Members

Tracy McRoberts P'14, '20, Co-Chair
D. Scott Momrow '90, P'19, Co-Chair
Willard Anderson II P'20
Julie Koenig P'17, '20, '23
Annah Geiger P'22
Mrs. Jennifer Riitano Levy '93, P'28
Neerav Patel '96 P'31, Trustee
Paul Gallucci, AA Athletic Director
Jennifer Murphy-Fries, AAG Athletic Director
Stacey Primero-Fontanelli
Ann Wendth


A Message from our Co- Chairs

“Academy athletic programs have enhanced the overall experience of student athletes while providing valuable life lessons for generations. This is one of the many reasons my son decided to attend the Academy. It is a privilege to watch him and his classmates create lifelong memories with their teammates and coaches. I continue to enjoy the same deep bonds that were forged with members of the football, hockey and lacrosse teams I competed with during my tenure at the Academy. We continue to enjoy each other’s company at annual events and each occasion renews our commitment to the proud tradition of the Academies. We need your generous support to ensure current and future students will continue to have the opportunity to have an exceptional experience.”

- D. SCOTT MOMROW '90, P'19
                 “As a parent of both an AA graduate and a current AAG student, I have experienced first-hand the positive impact that being part of a sports team at the Academies has had on my children. The opportunity to have an excellent academic experience as well as a competitive athletic one, has helped them become responsible, engaged, healthy young people. I firmly believe being a part of an athletic team at the Academies has offered many lessons that will stay with them always. Please consider donating to the Academies athletic program so that all students can continue to benefit from their athletic experiences.”


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