Animation by Cole S. '19

The Albany Academies will be hosting our annual fundraiser Splash! on Sunday, November 17, 2019, at Normanside Country Club. The event aims to showcase our student artists while directly supporting and enhancing The Albany Academies robust art program.
We hope you will consider joining us at the event and supporting Splash! to ensure its success!

Honorary Committee Members

Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Becker '04, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Belleville, Jr. '89, Trustee
Mr. M. Christian Bender '78, P'15, '20, Trustee
Mr. and Ms. Steven Boggess P'19
Mr. John P. Casellini and Ms. Christine Rutigliano P'22, '25
Mr. Thomas F. Cassidy Jr. and Nancy Carey-CassidyP'13, '15, Trustee
Mrs. Eileen M. Considine P'08, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Flaherty P'15, '21, Trustee
Dr. Anna  Flik and Dr. Kyle Flik P'18, '23, '26, Trustee
Dr. Susan Gannon and Mr. William J. Gannon P'11, '21
Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Goldberg P'19, '19
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hayes '87, P'16, '18, Trustee
Dr. Yunfei Huang and Dr. Xinjun Zhu P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koenig P'17, '20, '23
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lauricella P'20, '22
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. LuPone P'24
Dr. Hyacinth Mason P'19, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McCauley P'21, '24
Dr. Stewart C. Myers II '58, Trustee
Mrs. Dolly Patel & Mr. Neerav R. Patel '96, P'31 Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Payton P'21, '23
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Plante P'20, '22
Chef Yono and Mrs. Donna Purnomo

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Straubel P'20
Dr. Ferdinand J. Venditti, Jr., Trustee and Dr. Mary Ellen Ehlers P'03, '14, '15
Mr. Spencer K. Warnick and Ms. Jennifer Amstutz P'19, '21, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Welles P'06, '12, '22
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Ann Wendth


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