This year's virtual event raised $120,000, all to benefit today’s students by helping to ensure that the Academies remain accessible to all deserving young men and women. Proceeds from Spring Gathering support the financial aid and merit scholarship programs provided to more than 45% of our families at The Albany Academies.


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Honorary Committee 2020

Mrs. Elissa Smith P’23, ’26 and Mr. Justin Smith ’96

Mr. David and Mrs. Shellie Carr P’19, ’21
Mr. John Casellini and Ms. Christine Rutigliano P’22, ’25
Mr. Thomas Cassidy Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Carey Cassidy P’13, ’15,  Trustee
Ms. Eileen Considine P’08, Trustee
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Flaherty P’15, ’21, Trustee
Mr. William and Mrs. Susan Gannon P’11, ’21
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Elisa Haworth P’22, ’24, ’25
Mrs. Susan and Mr. James Hens P’22, ’23, Trustee
Mr. Kostandin Kacani and Mrs. Enkelejda Papa P’25
Mrs. Alicia and Mr. Michael Lasch P’20, ’22, Trustee
Mr. Tony ’87 and Mrs. Jane ’87 Loupessis P’18, ’19, ’23
Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Lewis McCauley P’21, ’24
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius D. Murray ’62, P’99, ’05, ’06, Trustee
Mrs. Dolly and Mr. Neerav Patel ’96, P’31, Trustee
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Kaari Stannard P’20, ’23, Trustee
Mr. Spencer Warnick and Ms. Jennifer Amstutz P’19, ’21, Trustee
Mrs. Nancy Wekselbaum ’69, Trustee

Dr. Anne L. Barba and Mr. Michael J. Strianese P '25, '28
Mr. Edmund Bogdan III and Mrs. Rosemarie Bogdan P’19,
Ms. Jessica Geyer P’31 and Mr. Andrew Pegler P’31
Mr. Mark Eisenhardt and Mr. Erik Kulleseid P’18, ’20
Mr. David and Mrs. Laurie Lester
Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Laurel Plante P’20, ’22
Mr. Mitchell Ramsey for Jay St. Pub
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Leah Tyrrell P’20
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Ann Wendth


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