Scholarships & Endowments

Legacy and Planned Giving

The easiest and lowest-cost way to make a gift to The Albany Academies is to include the school in your will or revocable trust. You may designate that the school receives a specific dollar amount, specific asset, or a percentage of your estate. If possible, kindly notify the School of your plans so we may acknowledge your gift and inspire others to make planned gifts. 

Charitable Gift Annuities 
To establish a gift annuity, you contribute funds or assets to the Albany Academies, and the Academies in turn make annuity payments to you from its general assets for the rest of your life. You receive an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the gift, and a portion of each annuity payment is treated as a tax-free return of capital. The portion of the gift not used for payments benefits The Academies. 

Charitable Trusts 
This involves the donation of assets to a specific legal entity, commonly referred to as a split-interest trust, since both the donor and The Albany Academies benefit from the trust. The two most common types of trust are Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT) and Charitable Lead Trusts (CLT), which are described simplistically below. 
  • A CRT involves a donor placing appreciated assets in the trust, and receiving an annual income stream with the corpus of the trust paid out to The Albany Academies upon its dissolution. 
  • A CLT also involves the donor placing assets that may appreciate in value into the trust with The Albany Academies receiving the annual income throughout its term, with the corpus distributed to the designee named by the trust. There may be some substantial income and estate tax benefits from both vehicles, but either route requires consultation with professionals. 
Life Insurance 
There are several ways to utilize permanent life insurance to benefit The Albany Academies. The most straightforward manner is to name The Albany Academies as the beneficiary of the policy. You may also gift an existing policy to the School, take an immediate tax deduction, and the School will be responsible for any further premiums due. You can make cash gifts that are equivalent to the premium amount on a new or existing policy as well.

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  • Scholarship

    The Endowed Scholarships Program at The Albany Academies is one tool that helps the school to successfully “nurture an intentionally diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning community.”
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  • Academic & Programmatic Excellence

    Our goal is to ensure the highest achieving, personalized learning environment possible for girls and boys by continuing to review and, where needed, renovate the core curriculum.
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  • Unrestricted

    Through unrestricted endowment, we can attract gifts that build the Academies’ endowment and build confidence to a greater level. If you are interested in making a gift to our endowment, please contact Chief Advancement Officer Ann Wendth at 518.429.2385.
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Endowed Program Funds

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  • The Baldwin Family Faculty Endowment (AAG)

    Established in 2002 with a gift from Thomas and Laurie Baldwin. The purpose of the fund is for faculty salary enhancement.
  • The Eleanor Bender Onderdonk Library Endowment

    Established in 2004 with a gift from Eleanor Bender Onderdonk '25 (deceased). The purpose of the fund is to commemorate bibliophile, poet and artist Eleanor Bender Onderdonk '25. It will be used to develop a literary collection, with particular emphasis on poetry, women’s literature and books on the art of writing. Specifically, three goals will be achieved: acquisition of works with an emphasis on new writers and poetry and fiction written by women; updating of literary criticism; and, exploration of new techniques of writing.
  • The Hoehn Fund (AAG)

    Established in 1998 with a gift from Mrs. Barbara K. and Dr. James Hoehn. The purpose of the fund is for faculty salary enhancement.
  • The Kermani Fund for the Arts (AA & AAG)

    Established by the Kermani family in 1984 to provide an annual program for all students at both The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls to experience the arts through enhanced programming and visiting artists.
  • The Fisher Malesardi Faculty Fund (AAG)

    Established with a gift from Doris Fisher Malesardi. The purpose of the fund is to provide faculty salary enhancement to devoted and talented faculty of Albany Academy for Girls.
  • The Joseph Mandelbaum '21 Endowed Fund

    Established by Joseph Mandelbaum '21 (deceased) to support programming to assist lower school students with special learning needs.
  • The James L. Muhlfelder Lecture Series on Tolerance & Diversity (AA & AAG)

    Established in 2004 by friends and family in memory of James L. Muhlfelder '66. The purpose of the fund is to create lectures/programs focused on instilling in all Academy students a respect and acceptance of differences in cultures and personal preferences.
  • Francis I. Nash Excellence in Teaching Endowment (AA)

    The Francis I. Nash Excellence in Teaching Endowment (AA) was established by a lead gift from Craig M. Hatkoff '72 in memory of Frank Nash, distinguished faculty member who taught at The Albany Academy from 1952 to 1983. This endowment will serve to reward current faculty who exemplify FN's passion for teaching, just as it will entice new teachers to the Academy who possess his same "fire, intellect and wit." Alumni who would like to memorialize this iconic teacher are also invited to contribute to this fund as well.
  • John D. Picotte Family Foundation Professional Development Fund

  • The Faculty Sabbatical Fund (AA & AAG)

    Established in 2003 with a gift from anonymous donors. The purpose of the fund is to promote teacher retention by offering a summer sabbatical in which the recipient will use the award at their discretion to enhance their teaching experience. It is the hope of the donors that the recipient will have the opportunity to do something "different" and bring that experience back to The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls and the students he/she teaches.
  • The Louis Wildove Endowed Fund (AA)

    Established by a gift from Craig Hatkoff '72 in 1987 for the purpose of creating a student investment club for students from The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls.
  • The Shirley Stevens French Library Fund (AAG)

    Established in 1997 with a gift from Shirley Stevens French '47. The purpose of the fund was to add enhancements to the library in memory of her father, Winthrop P. Stevens.
  • The Leona Lewis General School Expenses Fund

    Established in 1996 with a gift from Leona Lewis. The purpose of the fund is to offset general school expenses and to maintain the physical plant.
  • The Weir Technology Fund

    Established in 1997 with a gift from David (deceased) and Candace Weir. The fund is a technology endowment that will generate needed funds for continuous technological upgrades, acquisitions and professional development.

Endowed Chairs

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Endowed Prizes & Awards

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  • The Billy Grey Memorial Prize (AA)

    Established in 2002 as a permanent tribute to Billy Grey, a member of the Class of 2006, who fought a courageous battle with brain cancer for more than a year before he passed away in 2001 at the age of 13. THe award is given each year to a Form I student who most closely embodies the same qualities that were the essence of Billy's character.
  • The Olive Klingaman Award (AA)

    Established by David Klingaman '58 (deceased) and friends in 1987 in memory of Olive, David's mother. The award is given each year to a 4th grade student who shall be judged by the Lower School faculty and the Head of Lower School as best exemplifying the ideals of The Albany Academy by being good friends to his classmates, courteous to the faculty, who has pursued his studies diligently and who has shown sportsmanship on the fields.
  • The Ronald J. Mann '69 Endowed Fund (AA)

    Established by Mrs. Ronald Mann and the Class of 1969 to recognize a Form VI student who has excelled in academics and athletics, and who has shown a strong sense of commitment to the Academy and the community.
  • The Frederick A. Plunkett '68 Memorial Fund (AA)

    Established by friends and family to recognize annually the hockey player who has best shown by his sacrifice the most improvement in team play and dedication to the development of hockey skills.
  • The Tunis VanAntwerp Waldron '32 Prize (AA)

    Established in 1989 by his family to be given to that member of the Sixth Form who distinguishes himself both as a basketball player and as a student for his integrity, commitment and achievement.
  • The Class of 2002 Americanism Award (AAG)

    Established with a gift from Class of 2002 senior parents. The purpose of the fund is to award annually to a faculty member who best exemplifies the spirit of good citizenship and instills those virtues in his/her students.
  • The Caroline B. Mason Fund & Award (formerly the Alice Barrington Hicks Memorial Fund)

    Established in 1991 with a gift from Robert B. Hicks (deceased) and Martha Hicks Pofit. The fund is awarded to a graduating senior who exhibits outstanding character and exemplifies the values and mission of the Academies. The student receives the award in name only and then assigns the monetary award to the department of her choice. The selected department then decides in what way the award should be used.
  • The Melina Hudson Award (AAG)

    Established in 1989 with a gift from Paul and Eleanor Hudson in memory of their daughter, Melina Hudson '90. It is awarded to a Tenth or Eleventh Grade student who possesses outstanding academic effort, strong values and generosity of spirit and adventure.
The Albany Academies are a New York State non-profit organization located at 135/140 Academy Road, Albany, NY, 12208. Our mission is to develop capable and confident students through single-gender education in the Lower and Middle School, and through coordinate education in the Upper School. Employing individualized and positive education, The Albany Academies provide students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for leadership and success in the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead. A copy of our most recently filed financial report is available by contacting us or, upon request, from the Charities Registry on the New York State Attorney General’s website ( or by contacting the New York State Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY, 10005.  You may also obtain information on charitable organizations from the New York State Office of the Attorney General at or (212) 416-8401.

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