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The Albany Academies aim to educate students

with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for leadership and success in the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead. A well-rounded education including rigorous academics, exposure to the arts and a requirement to participate in athletics are important components of leadership and character development. In fact, it's what distinguishes Academy students from their peers.

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A Letter from James E. Poole '68

I always considered it an honor to work at my alma mater and have the opportunity to teach and coach such outstanding students over the years. To keep things fresh, I “graduated” from working with Middle schoolers to teaching Upper School students. Because of that I experienced every grade from 5-12, except freshmen, but, of course, I did have them on teams that I coached.
About ten years ago as I stood with my peers around the outside of the seats in our morning chapel meeting, I was overwhelmed by the thought that I belonged to such an august assembly of faculty members. I wasn’t certain that I was worthy to belong to such an amazing group, but I was grateful nonetheless.
As much as I took pride in the classroom accomplishments of my students, I derived equal satisfaction in the success of my teams. No other school in Section II – large or small – has as many Track and Field section record holders as the Academy, and I feel immense pride in that. I always tried to make athletic participation fun for my athletes and I believe, for the most part, I succeeded. Along the way, we won many league and sectional championships, and even a state championship in Track in 2000.
At the completion of my 35th year, Dr. North presented me with a gift and I responded by saying, “It’s been an honor and privilege.” I always felt that to be true.

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