Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, at The Albany Academy, we:
  • accommodate differences in learner backgrounds by providing various learning experiences
  • adapt instruction to students' unique interests and needs by using individualization
  • promote a sense of accomplishment by combining challenge and success
  • increase achievement and improve relations among students by using cooperative learning
  • increase involvement and interaction with the use of peer tutoring
  • promote moral development by emphasizing personal responsibility
Language Arts
Students will read, write, listen, and speak for:
  1. information and understanding
  2. literary response and expression
  3. critical analysis and evaluation
  4. social interaction
Students will read, explore, and discuss various literary genres and forms. Higher level cognitive skills such as, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation will be incorporated in all reading activities. Forty-five minutes of daily independent reading at home, is required. Writing responses and activities include journal entries, book reports, poetry, and a variety of writing models and essays. While students, during writing workshops, utilize all the steps of the writing process, the focus is on the writers rather than on the process that leads to finished pieces. The correct use of the rules for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, structure, and all grade appropriate conventions is evident throughout the curriculum.

Primary Mathematics (Standards Edition) is a complete program based on the highly successful Primary Mathematics series from Singapore. It is designed to equip students with a strong foundation in mathematics. By focusing on mathematical understanding, the program calls for direct instruction and emphasizes on mathematical thinking with immediate application of new skills to problem solving. By encouraging students to solve problems in a variety of ways, Singapore Math stretches the mind and promotes an understanding of the way mathematical processes work. All topics are covered in depth and taught to mastery. Singapore Math (Grade 4) includes units on:
  • Whole Numbers
  • The Four Operations of Whole Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Decimals
  • The Four Operations of Decimals
  • Congruent and Symmetric Figures
  • Coordinate Graphs and Changes in Quantities Data
  • Analysis and Probability
  • Measures and Volume

Social Studies
The study of New York State history will give students an opportunity to analyze the development of American culture. Students will learn all about its diversity and multicultural context, and appreciate the ways people are unified by many values, practices, and traditions. The study will begin with the geography of New York, and continue through the days of the explorers to the present time. Field trips, guest speakers, and traveling museums are an important part of the curriculum.

The text used is New York: Adventures in Time and Place. Selected pieces of literature used in the Language Arts program are integrated with the Social Studies program. Units of studies include:
  • The Geography of New York
  • Resources and Regions
  • Colonial New York
  • The American Revolution
  • From Colony to State
  • New York State Government

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