Host Families

Our cultural exchange program provides a unique experience for foreign students by allowing them to live with a host family while attending The Albany Academies.
These arrangements are made by the students themselves or with assistance from the school. Often, these host families already have a child attending our school and are thus fully vested in their success. The host families are responsible for providing a room in their home, food, and normal household amenities. Host families also provide or arrange for, transportation to and from school each day, and to various school events.
For more information, please contact Shelly Carr, Director of Admissions & Enrollment at (518) 429-2300 or

Day School or Boarding School? At a day school:
  • students have more time to invest in extracurricular activities.
  • students develop more connections with local people, life, and local culture.
  • tuition is more affordable.
  • students develop a close bond with the host family and grow roots in the community.
  • there are more options and students are not limited to only what the school provides.

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