Change is hard...but necessary

by Nicholas Forcier - Director of Admissions & Enrollment

There are lots of reasons that we don’t make changes even when we’ve identified a problem in our lives. Some of those reasons are:

  • Fear of the unknown: “I know the current thing isn’t working well, but what if the new thing doesn’t work either?”
  • Loyalty: “I’m not satisfied with this anymore, but it’s so hard to leave because I have sentimental attachment to it.”
  • Inconvenience: “The status quo is causing me stress, but the process of finding an alternative would cause even more stress.”
  • Lack of awareness of alternatives: “I don’t know what my other options could be.”   
Change is almost never easy, but it’s necessary when we need to solve a problem. When that problem is dissatisfaction with our childrens’ education, the urgency is even more significant. If you find yourself worried that your child is not engaged enough, not challenged enough, not supported enough - ask yourself, “What’s stopping me from making a change?” By confronting the question directly, you might find that the barrier to change is easier to overcome than you thought.

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