Service. Responsibility. Ingenuity.

These are three of the core values that we instill in all our students at The Albany Academies. There is a thread that ties those three characteristics together, and it could be considered a core value of its own: generosity.
Generosity can take so many forms that it’s easy to overlook it when we see it. A material transfer is an obvious act of generosity: “I have this thing, you don’t have it, and so I’ll give you some or all of mine.” An act of service is usually generous. A compliment or a listening ear can be obvious acts of generosity.

The most intriguing, though, in my mind, is the generosity of sharing ideas. I love when a conversation becomes creative and the other participants say, “I will have this discussion with you.” My favorite beginning to a sentence is “This idea isn’t fully formed yet…” That’s generosity, it’s courage, and it’s leadership. You want your child to contribute even their most raw creative work to a community of teachers and learners who care enough to encourage them and challenge them. Everyone is better off for it.

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