International Students: Welcome to Albany!

One of the many joys of an independent school is our ability to host students from around the world who come to The Albany Academies to study under an F1 visa!
For international students, this opportunity allows for better fluency in academic and colloquial English, access to a more dynamic curriculum, and effective preparation for American college or university. For domestic students, international students provide a greater diversity of perspectives in the classroom and an expanded sense of global interconnectivity. For all of us, hosting international students also provides an opportunity to explore and develop our cross-cultural competencies, a skill that is increasingly imperative as the world “shrinks.” Many thanks to Mrs. Doris Easton, The Academies’ international student coordinator, who used part of her summer to visit students in China, and to Mr. Matt Essery, Science, and Ms. Cristi Marchetti, English, for designing and teaching an engaging week-long international student orientation. The foundational skills and relationships built over this summer and this week are invaluable to our students!

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