National Latin Exam Award winners

Upper School students in Latin classes took the National Latin Exam in March. This challenging exam allows students to showcase their Latin abilities as well as their knowledge of history and mythology. Students were competing against 88,000 other students, nationally, and internationally. This year's award winners were: 
Gold Medals (Summa Cum Laude): Sofie L. '25, Kevin L. '25, and Rhea A. '24,
Silver Medals (Maxima Cum Laude): Jakob O. '23, Zooey H. '25, Charles X. '25, Madilyn B. '25, Kennedy S. '24, and Mia V. '24
Magna Cum Laude Certificates: Holden S. '25, Patrick C. '25, Andrew S. '24, Katrina P. '23, and Jakob D. '23
Cum Laude Certificates: Alison D. '23, Mia C. '24, and Lily S. '22

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