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  • Message from Head of School Elect Chris Lauricella

    Dear Albany Academies *Friends,
    I am so thrilled! While a few months have passed since my appointment as Head of School-elect of The Albany Academies, I find myself growing increasingly excited as each passing day draws me closer to this new professional adventure. My anticipation will finally become reality in a little less than six months, but until then I would like to further introduce myself, reflect on what draws me to the Academies, and sketch out some principles that will guide my transition.
    Who I Am. A formal version of my biography and educational philosophy is available on The Albany Academies’ website, but the short version is that I am, first and foremost, an educator. I believe deeply that this is what I am meant to be and have joyfully spent my professional life in schools helping create cultures that transform children’s lives. I am passionate about this work, fully engaging it with both my head and my heart.
    I do this for deeply personal reasons, as a series of unfortunate events in my own childhood and adolescence could have easily derailed me from realizing my full potential. Yet I have the privilege of writing this letter to you because the teachers in my life would not let that happen. Instead they nurtured me both intellectually and emotionally, nudged me along an upward trajectory, and turned my life and my work into a testament to the transformational power of a high-quality education.
    This duality is fitting because in many ways heading an independent school is more like a lifestyle than a career, which is particularly true when one’s entire family is intimately involved in the life of the school. As newly-minted Albany Academies’ parents, my wife Kristin and I are very excited about the new adventures that await our daughter, Josephine ’20, and son, Tristan ’22. We are particularly eager to immerse ourselves in campus and community life and fully exploring all that Albany has to offer.
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Meet Chris Lauricella at Reunion 2018! The Head of School Elect will be speaking at the Saturday morning event "What's Next for Academies" at 11:15 a.m. at Albany Academy for Girls along with current Head of School Dr. North '58.
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  • Head of School Search Committee

    Christine Standish ‘83, Former Trustee, Co-Chair
    Eileen Considine P’08, Trustee, Co-Chair
    David Ashton P’17, ’21, ’21, Member-at-large
    Jennifer Amstutz P’19, ’21, Trustee
    Nancy Carey Cassidy P’13, ’15, President, The Albany Academies Board of Trustees
    Jessica DeRosa Davos ‘98, P’27, ’29, President, AAG Alumnae Association
    Hyacinth Mason P’19, Trustee
    Hilary King, AA Faculty Representative
    Scott Milliken P’14, ’16, ’19, ’31, ’31, Associate Head of School, The Albany Academy
    Timothy Owens ‘83, ’15, ’19, Member-at-large
    Neerav Patel ‘96, President, AA Alumni Association
    Donna Ruggiero, Associate Head of School, Albany Academy for Girls
    Suzanne Singer Boger ’87, ’19, ’21, President, The Albany Academies Parents Association
    Mary Ellen Tomson P’14, ’19, AAG Faculty Representative
  • Advisory Committee

    Faculty MembersAlumni and Alumnae

    Scott Young P’21, ‘24
    Susan Voellm P’14, ‘16
    Adam Collett P’32
    Lauren DeGeorgia
    Timothy Fitzmaurice
    Sandra Miorin P’10, ‘12
    Michael Zabinski ‘03
    Robert Bischoff P’15
    Donna Keegan P’06, ‘10
    Timothy Meigher '70, P'09, '12, '22
    Margaret Lamar King '65
    Susan Sneeringer '72, P’01, ’04, ‘08
    Carol Crummey McCardle '04
    Jennifer Riitano Levy ’93, P’28
    Christopher Mills '97
    Spencer Jones '96
    Nicholas Faso '02
    Joseph Gravini P’21, ‘24
    Julie Koenig P’17, ’20, ’23
    Laurie Miroff P’24
    Rosemary Ratcliff P’18, ’21, ’21
    Dean Malatino ’81, P’24
    Lisa Henkel P’21, ‘23
  • Transition Committee

    Chris Bender '78, P'15, '20, Trustee, Co-Chair of Transition Committee
    Eileen Considine P’08, Trustee, Co-Chair of Transition Committee
    Jennifer Amstutz P’19, ’21, Trustee
    Dave Ashton P’17, ’21, ’21
    Nancy Carey Cassidy P’13, ’15, Trustee
    Tom Cassidy P’13, ’15
    Adam Collett P’32
    Karin Epstein P’18, ’21
    Anna Flik P’18, ’20, ’23, ’26
    James Hart P’09, ’10, ’13
    John Hayes ’87, P’16, ’18, Trustee
    Donna Keegan P’06, ’10
    Robert LuPone P’24
    Sandra Miorin P’10, ’12
    Wendy Muhlfelder ’67, P’94, ’98, ’99, ’00
    Timothy Owens ’83, P’15, ’19
    William B. Picotte ’67, P’01, ‘04
    Jim Poole ’68, P’02, ’14
    Shelly Reid P’12, ’23
    Susan Sneeringer ‘72, P’01, ’04, ‘08
    Kaari Stannard P’20, ’23, Trustee
    Ann Wendth
    Vince Zabinski P’99, ’03, ’04, ’04

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