Our Theatre Arts program explores the ideas and practices that inform current theatre making, both nationally and internationally. They consider a breadth of performance practices, from Shakespeare to Simon and from the mainstream to the contemporary.
Through performance, analysis, and debate students engage directly with the many areas that shape this changing field. The theatre arts class is grounded in artistic inquiry, theatre history, culture, and performance analysis and will be informed by research, practice, and reflection.

Through a series of academic, practical, and professional approaches, the Theatre Arts program provides an enviable experience of both making and reflecting on the significance of theatre today.

Upper School Theatre Productions:

Each year the Fine Arts Department stages two major productions; a musical and play which rotate during the Fall and Winter trimesters so to give every student an opportunity to be involved in both types of productions. All students are eligible to take part in these productions as actors, stage crew, lighting operators, or as instrumentalists in the pit orchestra. Auditions and teacher approval are required to be a part of the productions and not everyone who auditions will earn a position within the production. Most rehearsals take place at the same time as sport practices, so students who take a sport may not be eligible to participate in a production during that same season.

The Albany Academies

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Albany Academy for Girls: 140 Academy Road - Albany, NY 12208
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Our Mission

Who We Are: The Albany Academies—The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls—develop capable and confident students through single-gender education in the Lower and Middle School, and through coordinate education in the Upper School.

What We Do: Employing individualized and positive education, The Albany Academies provide students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for leadership and success in the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead.