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Student clubs and activities are a key element of student development and community building. Our extracurricular offerings allow students opportunities to lead other students, pursue individual interests, enhance classroom learning, and to both enrich and benefit from the school community.
The following clubs are offered at The Albany Academy:

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  • Academy Road

    Faculty Advisor: Dave Pascone
    Student Leader(s): Alex Demoly/Trevor Gulock

    The Academy Road is The Albany Academies, student run, online newspaper. We write articles on a variety of topics ranging from in-school news to current events. Our writers, from freshman to seniors, both girls and boys, each have diverse interests and passions that come through in their articles. With the nature of an online newspaper, it can be constantly updated and articles can be published at any time. In addition to writers and editors, members can also design graphics for articles as well as take photographs for use on the website. 
  • American Red Cross

    Faculty Advisor: Mark Wimmer
    Student Leader(s): Will Perrone

    American Red Cross club strives to strengthen our community through service and outreach programs. Our club works closely with our local Red Cross chapter to organize service projects that further the mission of the American Red Cross. We also hold 2 Blood Drives per year.
  • Art Club

    Faculty Advisor: Jane Chasin
    Student Leader(s): Mengechen Zhang/ Scott Peterson

    The Art club meets once a week during club block in Mrs. Chasin’s room to work on various craft projects. The club will also make items to sell for fundraising activities for different charities. Completed projects will be displayed on both sides of the street. 
  • Certamen Club

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brower 
    Student Leader(s): Abel Bowden

    A jeopardy-style game for Latin.  We practice every club block and make periodic trips to compete against other schools.
  • Chess Club

    Faculty Advisor: John Hofgesang
    Student Leader(s): Chyim Bowen

    Aside from the in-house tournament we focus on the three main parts of the game, the opening, the middle game and the end game.  All players are ranked after two months and then we set the brackets for the tournament.  Throughout the winter we complete the competition.
  • Debate Team

    Faculty Advisor: Robert Bischoff
    Student Leader(s): Connors O'Brien and Alex Demoly

    Primary focus is Lincoln-Douglas debate with forays into political and moral philosophy.   Eventually, students will participate in tournaments throughout the Northeast.  Primary meeting time is Sunday from 10 to 12.  
  • Engineering Club

    Faculty Advisor: John McNally
    Student Leader(s): Jessica Flynn

    The Engineering Club is going to be an exciting experience for us, being that we currently have very few STEM based clubs at The Albany Academies. Activities will include fun engineering projects, competitions within the club and guest speakers. We are also considering participating in challenges outside of the school community.
  • International Club

    Faculty Advisor: Kellie Gorton
    Student Leader(s): Reginald Anadio

    The International Club has the objective of providing support to international students at The Albany Academy through various activities, such as field trips, cross-cultural awareness activities, celebrating cultural holiday, etc.  All students at The Albany Academies are welcome to join. 
  • Investment Club

    Faculty Advisor: Scott Milliken
    Student Leader(s): Joseph Lewis

    The Albany Academy Investment Club offers a unique learning experience, affording students the opportunity to experiment with real money in the American stock market. Club members are divided into small groups and challenged to research public companies in order to provide logical support for their investment choices. Once a stock choice is approved by a group leader and the faculty advisor, real shares are purchased on the stock market. Students are then tasked with monitoring their shares and determining the best time to sell. Members of the club leave with an improved understanding of the market and an appreciation of the risks associated with buying and selling shares. Any student interested in the stock market or equity investment is encouraged to join.
  • Jam Band

    Faculty Advisor: Joseph Jacobs
    Student Leader(s): Max Collura

    Jam Band Club is a supportive group of musicians and aspiring musicians who can come together to play and sing songs, learn from one another, and just jam. The club meets in Mr. Jacobs room AA 1-35.
  • Math and Science Tutors

    Faculty Advisor: Joel Donato
    Student Leader(s): Alex Demoly

    The aim of our peer tutoring program is to offer students the opportunity to tutor their classmates in all courses that are based upon core mathematical principles. We offer help in all levels of mathematics, in addition to chemistry and physics classes. By affording students the chance to hold leadership positions and help others, we contribute to the academic growth of the Albany Academies and pave the way for a community that emphasizes the importance of spreading knowledge to all.
  • Mock Trial Team

    Faculty Service: Tim Service
    Student Leader(s): Emily Eagleton

    Mock Trial is a club open to students in grades 9-12.  Each year, the team prepares a case provided by the New York State Bar Association and competes against other schools in Albany County in a courtroom setting.  Students play the roles of either lawyers or witnesses and learn to improve and use skills such as public speaking and improvisation. Practices begin in December and the trials begin in late February. 
  • Neuroscience

    Faculty Advisor: Maddie Harris
    Student Leader(s): Connor Balter

    Neuroscience club offers students the opportunity strengthen their knowledge of the Science's and the opportunity to compete in the regional Brain Bee in February at Albany Medical Center. 
  • Past, Present, and Future Club

    Faculty Advisor: Hilary King
    Student Leader(s): Owen McClain

    The “Past, Present and Future Club” or PPF, for short, blends a traditional high school History Club with a Current Affairs/Social Issues Club found at many high schools across the country.  PPF will also absorb Model UN Club, which members have participated in the Historic Model UN Conference in Rensselaerville, NY.  Members of PPF will continue to participate in the HMUN Conference at the Carey Conference Center in addition to other MUN opportunities
  • Ping- Pong Club

    Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth DiNuzzo
    Student Leader(s): Will Bennett

    The Table Tennis Club's mission is to improve game skills and foster good sportsmanship through regular practice and play.
  • Robotics Team

    Faculty Advisor: Walter Keeley
    Student Leader(s): Levi Frienberg-Trufas

    The Albany Academies Upper School Robotics Team competes in the FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge as FTC Team 4809. The team, known as “Botman”, designs, builds, and programs a robot every year to compete in tournaments across New York State. Team members learn important technical skills in design, fabrication, 3-D printing, and Java programming as well as practicing management skills in areas of communication, organization, and public speaking.
  • Science Bowl

    Faculty Advisor: Emer Taylor
    Student Leader(s): Ahmed Lachgar

    The group meets every club block to practice for the regional competition held at General Electric in March. The goal of the group is to compete at the National Compeition held in April.
  • Ski Club

    Registration is now open to MS and US students for the 2017-2018 Ski Club program! 
    We will, again, be returning to the Jiminy Peak Ski Resort, beginning Friday, January 5.  The program will run for 5 weeks, with an additional week scheduled in case of a cancellation.  The weekly three-hour program will begin at Jiminy Peak from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.  The optional hour-long ski or snowboard lesson begins at 6:00pm.  The dates are January 5, 19, and 26, and February 2 and 9.  Our snow date is February 16.  Please note, there is no Ski Club on January 12.
    If you would like to enroll your child, please click on and download the following forms.  They should be filled out and returned to Elise Balint no later than November 24, along with a check for the chosen package.
    Please download and fill out the documents below, and return them to Elise Balint, at the AA Campus, by October 21st.  Also, include a check for the full amount of the chosen package, made out to the Albany Academy.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Faculty Advisor: Brian McDonald
    Student Leader(s): Will Perrone

    Student ambassadors help with different aspects of presenting our school positively.  They work with the Admissions office with campus tours, student visits, and our Open House.  Some students present during our monthly Lunch on Us meetings giving perspective families an idea of what it is like to be an Academy student.  Ambassadors help with different events throughout the year both on and off campus as well as coordinate with other offices in many different facets.
  • Student Political Forum

    Faculty Advisor: Mark Wimmer
    Student Leader(s): Connors O'Brien

    The heart of democracy is participation, and that extends far beyond voting. A clash of ideas and activism are what really fuel the fire. The Student Political Forum, or SPF, allows students to congregate and express their own personal beliefs on communal, national, and global issues we face. Monthly meetings with federal, state, or local elected officials are a mutual benefit between SPF and our elected representatives. Students benefit because our voices will be heard, we learn from others and gain new ways of thinking, and we gain the invaluable experience of working with these leaders. Elected officials benefit from getting another perspective of an often neglected, but prominent and highly influential group.
  • The Culture Club

    Faculty Advisor: Powell Cucchiella 
    Student Leader(s): Zarek Thomas/ Alex Na

    Culture club is an opportunity to learn about new cultures and langues, and to support projects that celebrate different cultures and heritages. Students will be also able to expose the entire academy community to other cultures as well as volunteer for outside cultural projects. 
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Faculty Advisor: Brian Fruscio
    Student Leader(s): Kyran Nigro

    Student participate ever Day 1 in full games of Ultimate Frisbee. We teach students the basics of how to play and also discuss different strategies. The students are encouraged to participate in outside tournaments during the year. It is a great way for students to get exercise while having fun playing a great sport!
The following clubs are offered at Albany Academy for Girls:
11 Montgomery
Academy Road
Amnesty International
Art Club
Creative Writing Club
Ethnic Club
Glee Club
Habitat for Humanity
Invisible Children
Investment Distribution
Math Science Team
Mock Trial
Red Cross Club
Student Ambassadors
Speech and Debate
Yearbook (AAG)

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