Philosophy of Athletics
Athletics at The Albany Academies is an integral part of the school’s comprehensive education program and supports the mission of the School. The athletics program is designed to promote the physical, mental, and social growth of each student. It provides a unique opportunity to teach positive life skills such as responsibility, sportsmanship, cooperation, concern for others, leadership, respect for authority, productive citizenship, loyalty, and compassion. It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory. More importantly, however, is to develop a “will” to win, preparing minds and bodies to reach their maximum potential, to be modest in victory and to be steadfast in defeat.

Sportsmanship Philosophy
Visiting team members, students, all spectators and officials are guests and are to be treated with
friendly, well-mannered, well-intentioned courtesy and consideration. Visitors, in turn should act as invited guests, using the home school’s facilities with care and respecting the rules and customs of the home school.
Spectators, student-athletes, and coaches must recognize that their conduct plays an
important role in establishing the reputation of The Academies and that positive actions
relate directly to the success of the teams. In the classroom the academic life of a student- athlete is paramount. A student-athlete must plan his/her schedule so that he/she gives sufficient time, energy and attention to all classroom responsibilities and studies.

Student-athletes should act as positive leaders and models for fellow students.

Behavior at Athletic Contests
In the belief that good sportsmanship is essential for all Academies’ athletes, students, and
spectators, the following guidelines for conduct are suggested as a means of continuing and
strengthening positive ties between competing schools.
Cheering for our players is appropriate while yelling at opponents or behaving in a way that detracts from the positive spirit of competition is not. Cheering should be in support of either team and should not be directed toward creating unfriendly rivalries among athletes or fans. Any spectator who displays poor sportsmanship will be required to leave the school grounds and may be denied admission to future contests.
Student-athletes represent The Albany Academies, Section 2, NYSAIS, and their team
during home and away and are expected to abide by all behavioral rules of The Academies.
Spectators watch the game from those areas designated by each school as spectators’ areas. Verbal abuse of athletes or officials by team members or spectators shall be considered
unsportsmanlike behavior and will not be tolerated.

Varsity Team Philosophy
A sound attitude and advanced level of skill are prerequisites for a position on the varsity team, as is the realization that a varsity sport may require a six day a week commitment. This commitment may extend into vacation periods for sports seasons. The dedication and commitment needed to conduct a successful varsity program must be taken seriously by all student-athletes. While contest participation over the course of the season is desirable a specified amount of playing time at the varsity level is never guaranteed. All such decisions are made by the coaching staff. Coaches efforts need to be supported by parents. Perseverance, responsibility, teamwork, initiative, hard work and success are worthy goals of a varsity team as are the group and individuals achieving their best athletically.

Junior Varsity (JV) Team Philosophy
The Junior Varsity level is intended for those who display the potential of continued development into productive varsity level performers. At this level athletes are expected to have fully committed themselves to the program, team, and continue self-development. Emphasis is placed on physical conditioning, refinement of fundamental skills and elements and strategies of team play. In addition to socio-emotional development, JV programs work toward achieving a balance between continued team and player development and striving for victory. For all team members, meaningful contest preparation will exist over the course of the season; however, a specified amount of playing time is not guaranteed.

Modified Team Philosophy
At this level the most important thing is that the student/athletes have an opportunity to experience athletics. This is a program designed to help emerging athletes learn about their changing physical capabilities, acquire basic sport skills, and to enjoy the FUN and camaraderie of team play. While, the expectation is that everyone participates in the game it does not necessarily mean that everyone plays an equal amount of time. Winning is still the objective of the game; however, focus on basic sports fundamentals i.e. sportsmanship, character development, etc. will be stressed. In order for the desired development of the adolescent athlete and team to occur, practice sessions are vital.

The Albany Academies Athletic Code of Conduct
  • The primary mission of the Academies is the education of all students. Therefore, each coach or sponsor has an obligation to encourage students to strive for academic and athletic excellence. As recognized representatives of The Academies, students are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during the athletic season and out of season, in or out of uniform and on or off campus.
  • The Athletic Code of Conduct applies to all students in grades 7-12.
  • Student use of tobacco or alcoholic beverages, or possession or use of non-prescribed controlled substances or paraphernalia will not be tolerated, and the violator will be referred to the Athletic Director and Dean of Students and subject to disciplinary action including but not necessarily limited to the following.
  • The first infraction will result in a 1 week suspension from the team and the student will not be recommended for any post season awards (including team awards) or honors.
  • The second infraction will result in an additional week suspension from the team with recommendations for counseling and the student will not be recommended for any post season awards (including team awards) or honors. A reinstatement meeting with the student, Athletic Director, Coach and Associate Head of School will be held before returning to the team.
  • It is unacceptable for student-athletes to stay home on school days to rest for events that day or night or following day and such an absence will be treated as unexcused.
  • Coaches are not expected to police off-campus, non-school activities. However, if a violation of school rules is brought to public attention or is sufficiently severe to bring discredit upon The Albany Academies then these behaviors will be referred to the Dean of Students and will result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the School.
  • Each coach has the prerogative to establish additional rules including but not limited to attendance at practices, curfew, dress and general conduct of participants during practices, contests, trips, etc. Rules set by the coach must be in writing and approved by the Athletic Director.
  • Students suspended from school – either in school or out of school – will not be allowed to participate in sport activities or athletics while they are on suspension.
  • The Dean of Students will be notified of all violations of the Athletic Code of Conduct and the
  • consequences of the infractions.

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Our Mission

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