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Athletics/Physical Education

Albany Academy for Girls

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  • Lower School

    Girls meet their requirements by attending Physical Education three times a week and Dance Class two times a week.  Albany Academy for Girls provides a comprehensive Physical Education program for students in Preschool through Grade 4. From playing games to ice-skating to learning to swim, P.E. classes introduce young students to a wide variety of individual and team sports that develop motor coordination and emphasize fitness, health and safety, and fun!  Lower School Physical Education promotes exercise and fitness through the use of large and small motor games and activities. The sequence of these activities is based yearly on age appropriate development that also includes safety and social skills.
  • Middle School

    Girls in grades 5 and 6 meet their requirements by attending Physical Education three times a week and Dance Class two times a week. Physical fitness, skill development and knowledge of sports rules and team strategies are the goals of the Physical Education Curriculum. Each student is encouraged to challenge his or her self, to learn the importance of teamwork, and to embrace the principles of good sportsmanship.

    The Albany Academies have a mandatory sports participation requirement for students in grades 7 and 8.. Each trimester a student may choose from several sport offerings. Practices will take place during the school day; however, games will be played after school hours. Attendance is mandatory at all games and practices. The Middle School interscholastic program is referred to as Modified Sports.

    Selective Classification Policy
    Moving a Middle School student up to participate in junior varsity or varsity competition relates to a select number of Middle School students. A student/athlete must possess “exceptional athletic ability,” be socially and physically mature, be a good student, demonstrate satisfactory school citizenship and successfully complete several New York State sport specific physical performance tests. A student athlete must have all the skills necessary to be an “impact player” at that level. Questions concerning this policy should be addressed to the school’s Director of Athletics.
  • Upper School

    All Upper School students are required to participate in at least one season of interscholastic sports. It is highly recommended that all students participate in three seasons of interscholastic sports. Students must participate in physical education three days per week during the seasons they are not participating in an interscholastic sport.

    Ninth & Tenth Grade - All Ninth and Tenth Graders are required to participate in the rich athletic tradition at AAG by participating on one or more of the AAG athletic teams each year. Students may fulfill this requirement by managing a team. If Dance Workshop is not fulfilling an art credit for a student then it may be used to fulfill the athletic team participation requirement.

    Eleventh & Twelfth Grade - Eleventh and Twelfth Graders, with the permission of the Athletic Director, may fulfill the athletic team requirement by participating on the robotics team or in a theater production. AAG considers robotics team and/or theater productions to fulfill a significant community commitment to The Academies. Students exercising this option will still need to earn physical education credits all three trimesters.

    A student who participates in an “elite” competitive program outside of school may petition AAG to be granted a waiver from the athletic participation requirement. An administrative committee made up of the athletic director, physical education and health coordinator and associate head of school reviews the waiver request. Information about the waiver process is available by contacting the athletic director.

    Upper School Athletic Team Offerings

    • Cross Country
    • Soccer
    • Swimming/Diving
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Swimming/Diving

    • Alpine Skiing
    • Basketball
    • Ice Hockey
    • Squash

    • Softball
    • Lacrosse
    • Track & Field


    A student-athlete must have a current (within 12 months) physical exam on file in the Health Office. Participation WILL NOT BE ALLOWED until the school nurses have notified the Athletic Director of a student’s completed form.A student-athlete may not play in a contest until they have attended New York State’s mandated number of practices for that sport.
    A student- athlete may not participate in practice or play in a game if:
    They were absent or excused from school for part of the day due to illness;
    They arrive at school after 10:00 AM.

    A student-athlete who has a valid and verified excuse (other than for illness) for
    missing all or part of the day will be allowed to play. Valid excuses include medical
    and dental appointments with accompanying doctor’s note, school sponsored field
    trips, college interviews, and attendance at funerals or religious services. Excused
    absences may be granted by the Health Office or School Administrator. If the
    student/athlete is attending school then he/she must attend practice even if he/she is unable to play that day.

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Our Mission

Who We Are: The Albany Academies—The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls—develop capable and confident students through single-gender education in the Lower and Middle School, and through coordinate education in the Upper School.

What We Do: Employing individualized and positive education, The Albany Academies provide students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for leadership and success in the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead.