Student Handbook

Behavior & Safety

Behavior & Safety

Every member of the community is expected to exhibit integrity, civility and respect for the rights, feelings, and opinions of others. Any student whose behavior jeopardizes the health, welfare or safety of any individual at the School, or the reputation of the School, will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, which may include expulsion.
The School reserves the unconditional right, determined in its sole judgment, to suspend or dismiss any student whose progress is unsatisfactory or whose deportment is contrary to the best interests of the student, other students, or the School itself or whose tuition and fees are not paid as scheduled. The School further reserves the unconditional right to require the withdrawal of any student from the School when, in the opinion of the Head, such action would be in the best interest of the student, other students, or the School itself.

There are two main areas in which Academies’ students are held accountable: academic and community. Academic expectations for all students are those behaviors and responsibilities that support the success of the individual student, as well as the entire community. These include being on time, being prepared, working hard, and being honest. Similarly, community expectations are those behaviors and responsibilities that support the Academies community and the individuals within that community. Successful community behaviors are succinctly stated as adhering to the Honor Code and the Dress Code.

Bus Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion on the bus. They may not leave their seats while the bus is moving, nor act in a boisterous or unacceptable fashion. Bus drivers will report any misconduct to the Division Directors in writing. This may result in the student being suspended from riding the bus for one week. After three misconduct reports, a student will lose all bus privileges, which is in accordance with regulations of most school districts.

Classroom Conduct
Students are expected to arrive on time for all school obligations and in class with all materials and assignments in hand. A student arriving late for class will not be admitted without a pass from his/her previous class. If a student is disruptive or inattentive during middle or lower school , he/or she will be sent to the Lower and Middle School Director. If an upper school student is disruptive or inattentive during class, he or she will be sent to the Dean of Students. where he/or she will remain for the remainder of the period. Any student removed from class by the teacher due to inappropriate behavior is subject to receive one day of in-school suspension to be served the next day. In-school suspension renders a student ineligible for all after-school activities, including games, drama productions, etc. on the day of the suspension.

Cell Phone Policy
Lower School students are not allowed to bring any cell phone to school.
Middle School students can bring cell phones to school but they are not allowed out during the academic school day.
The School recognizes that Upper School students can be using cell phones for legitimate academic purposes (i.e. checking schedules, homework, use of some apps, etc.). Phone calls and texting are not permitted in the academic buildings during the school day. When not in class students may step out of the building to make a call/text. At no time during the academic day should a student be using social media via their cell phone for anything but Academies business this includes but is not limited to: Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, etc. Students who are found using a cell phone improperly in the building may have it confiscated for the day. Faculty members can establish the cell phone policy for their individual classrooms.

Dress Code
Students are required to wear the uniform as specified by the school (The Albany Academy or Albany Academy for Girls) and Division (Lower, Middle or Upper) in which they are enrolled and as described on The Albany Academies website. On “out of uniform” days students are expected to dress appropriately and in a way that is respectful to self and community.

Food and Beverage
Food and beverages may be consumed in the Buttery, Cafeteria or in the Field House. Food and beverages are not permitted in the academic building outside of the Buttery or Cafeteria unless a teacher or administrator has given permission. Food and beverages should not be consumed in the halls at any time.


List of 8 items.

  • Attendance and Course Credit

    When a student accumulates five consecutive or ten total class absences in a ten-week period, the parents or guardian must meet with the Division Head to develop a plan to make up the missed work and to reintegrate the student into the learning environment. It may be necessary for the student to see a counselor, a tutor, a physician, or some other professional support person, with whom The Albany Academies would expect to have contact.

    If a student misses more than 24 days, or 24 classes in a given subject (8 for a trimester-long course), the student may not be eligible for academic credit unless documented arrangements have been made for regular and substantial home tutoring to make up the missing work.
  • College Visits

    Seniors and juniors with permission of the college office are allowed three excused absences per school year for college visits. It is encouraged that students visit colleges on weekends and holidays when possible. However, if they must miss school, they are required to follow the standard pre-arranged school absence policy.
  • Community Service and Special Days

    Students are expected to attend all Community Service Days as well as special school days such as Bacon Bat and House Competitions. Any student who is absent from one of these days will need a valid and verified excuse (other than for illness) for missing all or part of the day. Valid excuses include medical and dental appointments with accompanying doctor’s note, school sponsored field trips, college interviews, and attendance at funerals or religious services. Excused absences may be granted by the Health Office or School Administrator.
  • Excused Absences

    Include illness of the student, sickness or death in the family, impassable roads, religious observances, and health-related appointments. College visits, individual athletic competition, and attendance at conferences or conventions will be considered excused only if the student completes and submits a “prearranged absence” form, available in the front office, to the Dean of Students or Division Head. The “prearranged absence” form should be submitted 1 week prior to the absences.
  • Make-up Work

    Students who are absent from school for any reason are responsible for making up all missed work. On the day students return to school, they are required to meet with those teachers whose classes have been missed in order to develop a plan for the completion of missed work. Students going to the nurse, but not leaving school, must make up the work on the same day that work was missed, unless other arrangements have been made with the appropriate teachers.
  • Objectives

    To have all students attend school/class each time it is scheduled and to have them arrive in a timely manner.To account for the whereabouts of each student at the start of the day and also by class period in the Middle and Upper Schools. To encourage full engagement in both the academic program and the learning community.

    Because successful students participate fully in classes and co-/extra-curricular activities, they are expected to attend school each day unless precluded by sickness, injury or special family circumstances. Non-emergency medical and dental appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day whenever possible. Family travel and vacation plans should be made only during school vacation, and students are expected to attend school on the days immediately before and after vacation breaks.

    Please call the Main Office (429-2300) or email at when your child is absent from school or if you know that he/she is going to be tardy. These messages must be received by 8:00 in the morning. If an email or phone call has not been submitted on the day of your child’s absence, an email, phone call or hand written note must be submitted when he/she returns to school stating the reason for his/her tardiness or absence.

    The disciplinary consequence for truancy is an automatic one-day in-school suspension. This consequence will be implemented the day following a student’s return to school after the school has notified the parents of the student’s absence. For medical and dental appointments unavoidably scheduled during the school day, a note documenting the reason for the student’s absence or tardiness must be given to the Dean of Students before the appointment and upon his/her return to school.
  • Tardy

    All students must report to Chapel, AAG morning meeting or homerooms by 8:00 a.m. Any student who arrives late (after 8:00 a.m.) must sign in at the office and receive a pass to class. Students who are late will not be admitted to class without this slip. An unexcused late arrival to school or class will warrant one infraction point. Students who are tardy unexcused to a class will not get credit for work missed and will not be allowed to make up work. Students have 24 hours to bring a note from home to explain the reason for being tardy.

    A student who arrives late to school and is unexcused is not eligible for extracurricular activities and may not utilize privileges such as senior sign out. Students who are absent or excused for part of a school day due to illness, or who cut a class, or who arrive at school after 10:00 a.m. may not participate in any after-school activity.

    Students who are frequently late to Morning Meeting / Chapel with an excuse will have a discussion with the Dean of Students.
  • Unexcused Absences

    Include vacation days outside of the school vacation schedule, class cuts, unauthorized absences from campus, and any absence for which there is no acceptable documentation on file.

    Parent(s)/Guardian(s), please be advised that your child’s absence will remain unexcused until one of the following actions are made:

    • A student delivers a handwritten note, stating a reason for their absence signed by a parent/guardian to Ms. Katie Conroy in the main office.
    • A parent makes a phone call to the office – 429-2300. When/If leaving a voice mail please include:
      • Child’s name
      • Date of absence
      • Reason for absence
      • A number where a parent/guardian can be reached
    • A parent emails listing:
      • Child’s name
      • Date of absence
      • Reason for absence
      • A number where a parent/guardian can be reached

    Absences that are documented, yet, fall under the definition of unexcused absences will remain as unexcused, as per school policy.


List of 7 items.

  • Emergency Dismissal Procedures

    In the event that The Albany Academies must close down immediately due to a building crisis or area emergency, all students will be evacuated to a predetermined site (depending on the situation), according to our emergency evacuation procedure.
  • Illness While at School

    If a student feels ill, he/she should report to the School Nurse with a pass from a teacher, who will determine if the student’s parents need to be contacted to arrange for his/her early dismissal. Students may not make arrangements, on their own, to go home. Under all circumstances, students (and parents) must inform the School of the student’s whereabouts by signing out at the front desk. Signing out is required.
  • Inclement Weather Dismissal Procedures

    In the event that school districts close school early due to inclement weather and send their buses early, the normal protocol for students who ride school buses is that they will be sent home on that bus. Because the buses usually arrive with little or no notice, we do not have the time to phone you either to notify you that your child is going home on the bus because your district is closing, or to ask your preference. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, please complete the Snow Emergency Early Dismissal Protocol section of the Student Information Form sent home to each family and return it to the Main Office. If we do not receive this completed information, we will assume that we should send your child home when the bus arrives. It is highly recommended that you listen to the radio on particularly snowy days to find out if your district will be closing early. The Albany Academies does not close early in the event of inclement weather.
  • Lower School Dismissal

    Security for our students is a priority at The Albany Academies. In an effort to avoid errors in the way children get home from school, it is vital that we have written verification of all dismissal information. Children derive security from the known and the familiar. With safety in mind, all changes in dismissal plans must be put in writing by a parent. These notes should come to school with your child and be given to the teacher upon arrival in the classroom. On the rare occasion when an unexpected situation requires a last minute change in the dismissal plan, we will do our best to accommodate phone permissions from a parent. These calls should be directed to the receptionist at our Main Office.

    Lower School students are signed out daily. Parents are required to sign their children out prior to leaving. If you have arranged to have your child picked up by someone other than a parent or regular car-pool person, you must alert the classroom teacher. If a child’s ride has not arrived within ten minutes of dismissal, the student will be signed in to Extended Day and a program fee will be charged beginning at 3:45 p.m.
  • Lunch

    A senior may go out for lunch between 11:40 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. AAG students may go out on any day except Thursday, which is reserved for Advising Lunch. AA students must complete “blue slip” procedures. AAG students must properly sign out and in with the front office.  A signed permission slip must be on file.
  • Senior Privileges

    May be granted to seniors in good academic and community standing.  The contract and permission slip must be returned before a senior may use any privileges.  These privileges will be revoked in the case of tardiness, failure to follow the proper sign-in/sign-out procedures, or for other disciplinary reasons.  Seniors who do not attend morning meeting will be ineligible for senior privileges on that given day. Privileges of seniors on Academic or Disciplinary Probation will be rescinded.
  • Upper & Middle School Dismissal

    Students may not leave the school without permission at any time other than the regular dismissal time. In order to leave campus during the school day, a student must complete a blue slip. This blue slip can only be obtained in the Main Office from Ms. Katie Conroy, Receptionist. The dean of students or division head must sign the blue slip. After being signed the blue slip should be returned as soon as possible to the Main Office.

    Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to obtain a blue slip for dismissal without performing one of the actions listed below:

    • A student delivers a handwritten note, signed by parent/guardian to Ms. Katie Conroy in the main office
    • A parent makes a phone call to the office – 429-2300. When/If leaving a voice mail please include:
      • Child’s name
      • Time of dismissal
      • Reason for dismissal
      • A number where a parent can be reached

    • A parent emails listing:
      • Child’s name
      • Time of dismissal
      • Reason for dismissal
      • A number where a parent can be reached
    The student must then sign out with Ms. Conroy in the front office when it comes time for him/her to leave.

    Parents of Middle School students will be required to enter the building to sign your child out if actions listed above are not completed.

    Students are not permitted to leave the building during the school day without first presenting a note from a parent or receiving permission from the Division Head, the Dean of Students, or the Head of School. There are severe consequences for leaving school without proper authorization from an administrator.

    The exceptions to this rule are for Upper School students who are crossing campuses for classes or seniors who have earned lunch privileges.

Upper School Rules

Driving to school is a privilege and a serious responsibility.  Students are expected, at all times, to demonstrate good judgment and prudence when they operate their cars.  Students who drive to school must register their vehicles. Since there are a limited number of parking spaces available for students at The Albany Academies, driving privileges are granted first to students who are in Grades 11 and 12.  In order to obtain driving privileges, students in these grades who are requesting permission must register their vehicles by completing the necessary form available with the AAG Receptionist Ms. Conroy or the AA Upper School Administrative Assistant Ms. Bouloukos. Students who are late to school more than three times may lose their driving privilege. Students are not allowed to drive from campus to campus.

Social Event Rules
At school-sponsored events, anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to attend the event, will be curtailed from operating a vehicle, and will be detained until parents are contacted. Smoking and use of any illegal substance or misuse of controlled substances is prohibited on school grounds and school events off campus.  These behaviors will result in disciplinary action.  

If a violation of school rules occurs off campus and is brought to public attention or is sufficiently severe to bring discredit upon The Albany Academies these behaviors will result in an intervention and/or disciplinary action at the discretion of the School.

A no re-entry policy is in effect.  No student may leave a function and return later.  No student will be admitted to an event after one hour from the start time of that event.  Pick-up from an event needs to be prompt at the conclusion of the event. No student will be dismissed from an event prior to 30 minutes from the conclusion without parent permission.

Senior Lounge
There are no students of the opposite sex allowed in the respective senior lounge. Girls are allowed to have food and beverages in their senior lounge. Students are responsible for the cleaning of the senior lounge.

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Our Mission

Who We Are: The Albany Academies—The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls—develop capable and confident students through single-gender education in the Lower and Middle School, and through coordinate education in the Upper School.

What We Do: Employing individualized and positive education, The Albany Academies provide students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for leadership and success in the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead.