Endowment for Scholarship

The Albany Academies aim to attract more students who will contribute to and benefit from the expanding diversity, imagination, creativity and curiosity of the student body. Our progress depends on ensuring that the financial constraints of tuition do not keep qualified students from applying to and attending our schools.

Some possibilities for you to consider:
  • Establish or add to a Named Scholarship Fund to assist exceptional Upper School students with necessary financial support. You can then meet and follow the students your endowment is assisting as they go through life at the Academies and later.
  • You can establish or enhance a Merit Scholarship Fund to allow the best and brightest students to attend the Academies even from an early age.
  • You can contribute to The Albany Academies Unrestricted Financial Aid Fund in order to defray the costs of financial aid throughout the next century.
Endowment for Academic & Programmatic Excellence

Our goal is to ensure the highest achieving, personalized learning environment possible for girls and boys by continuing to review and, where needed, renovate the core curriculum. This also includes our ability to ensure that exceptional and diverse faculty members – teachers, coaches and administrators – continue to be attracted to the Academies by an intellectual environment dedicated to the development and offering of distinctive educational experiences. Our progress depends upon our ability to constantly and consistently elevate the breadth and depth of a balanced program of academics, the arts, and athletics to prepare our students for success in college and beyond.

Some possibilities for you to consider:
  • Donate to The Albany Academies’ Faculty Professional Development Fund to fund summer sabbaticals for selected Academies Faculty.
  • Establish a Named Academic Fund to give a specific academic department or curricular area additional resources for special purposes. You will be personally kept informed by the Chair of what was done in each year to enhance their work.
Unrestricted Endowment

Through unrestricted endowment, we can attract gifts that build the Academies’ endowment and build confidence to a greater level. Such gifts provide a steady and flexible source of income that can meet the most pressing needs of the school at any time – whether to increase financial aid, establish new programs, higher faculty, upgrade facilities or respond to other initiatives. This will help to secure our financial future and provide more possibilities for students and faculty.

For more information, please contact Director of Institutional Advancement Ann Wendth at (518) 429-2385 or wendtha@albanyacademies.org.
A very special announcement was made at the 2017 Spring Gathering fundraiser -- the establishment of "The Dr. Douglas M. North '58 Scholarship” in honor of Head of School Dr. North who will be retiring at the end of the 2017-18 school year. This new scholarship was recommended by the Board of Trustees and its goal from now until Dr. North retires is $250,000.
If you would like to give at any level to The Dr. Douglas M. North '58 Scholarship, click here and indicate it is for this fund.
    • The Dr. Douglas M. North '58 Scholarship Video

The Albany Academies

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Our Mission

Who We Are: The Albany Academies—The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls—develop capable and confident students through single-gender education in the Lower and Middle School, and through coordinate education in the Upper School.

What We Do: Employing individualized and positive education, The Albany Academies provide students with the knowledge, skills, and character needed for leadership and success in the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead.