8 Academies Students Win Multicultural High School Achievers Awards

Sandeep A. '19, Cameron F.  '19, Zachary H. ’19, Fahad K. ’19, Imitiage M. ’19, De’Ante R. ’19, George S. ’19, and Edwin Y. ’19 are all recipients of the Multicultural High School Achievers Awards. Previously known as the High School Achievers of Color Awards, this program honors the accomplishments of high school achievers from the greater Capital District. Those who have won these awards not only have exemplary academic histories, but also manage to participate in multiple extracurricular activities. These students have been invited to celebrate their achievements, at the University at Albany, where a ceremony will be held just for them. Congratulations to all who won the award!

The Albany Academy

Albany Academy for Girls

Schellenberger Alumni/ae Center