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Advising and Counseling

A strong faculty advisory system, supported by professional counselors, offers academic guidance and fosters emotional and social growth.

The Advising program at The Albany Academies allow students to meet on a regular basis with a faculty member who knows and cares about them. The advisor develops a rapport with the student and serves as a mentor, with a foundation built on trust and strengthened through personal interactions with the advisee.

The Advisor also develops connections with parents and helps students to succeed in all areas. Their responsibilities include:

Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was founded in 2007 to foster the intellectual growth of students and faculty at Albany Academy for Girls & The Albany Academy. Its primary mission is to help all students realize their full academic potential.
The Center is committed to supporting engaged and successful teaching that encourages student learning, teaches students to take responsibility for their learning and fosters pedagogical innovations through collaborations among faculty, parents and administration.
The CTL is committed to understanding and supporting all aspects of teaching and learning. It is responsible for supporting the overall well being – academic, social, emotional and physical wellness – of each and every student at AAG & AA. The CTL works with grade-level and multi-grade teachers to identify and support students’ strengths and weaknesses within an integrated curriculum. Our goal is student centered “differentiated instruction.”
The CTL seeks to provide support in a variety of ways – meeting with individual teachers, grade-level teams, planning and modeling lessons. Teachers are encouraged to promote a culture in which children respect differences. Some students may require a greater level of remediation while others are provided special enrichment.

Meet the Faculty

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Meghan Holdsworth P'35

    Meghan Holdsworth P'35 

    Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Photo of Powell Cucchiella

    Powell Cucchiella 

    Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Kendra Cunningham

    Kendra Cunningham 

    Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Brian Fruscio

    Brian Fruscio 

    AA Middle School Dean & Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Karen Sbuttoni

    Karen Sbuttoni 

    Learning Specialist
    (518) 429-2338
  • Photo of Kathleen Gorman

    Kathleen Gorman 

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