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  • Yearbook Technology

    Yearbook Technology develops skills in journalism, photography, writing, page design, leadership, and business. Project management and team skills will be emphasized as students plan the life cycle of the yearbook production process and develop a timeline with target dates for page completion. Students will use digital cameras, scanners, and an online yearbook design tool to produce the book. Composition, optimization, and enhancement of digital images and image file formats will be studied.
  • AP Computer Science A

    AP Computer Science A teaches object-oriented programming methodology with a concentration on problem-solving. This course is the equivalent of a first-semester college-level course in Computer Science and includes the study of data structures, the development of new algorithms, and the analysis of standard algorithms. It emphasizes the design issues that make programs understandable, adaptable, and, when appropriate, reusable. In addition, an understanding of the basic hardware and software components of computer systems and the responsible use of these systems are integral parts of the course. This course will prepare the student for the AP Computer Science A exam.
  • AP Computer Science Principles

    AP Computer Science Principles is a computer science course designed to give students foundational computing skills and an understanding of the real-world impact of computer programming and innovations. Students will explore how computing advances have changed society while developing Mobile Device apps that exploit these advances. Students will use the Design Process to create two mobile apps of their own. The final app will be submitted to the College Board as 24% of their AP Exam score. The course will focus on the fundamentals of computing, including problem-solving, large-scale data, the Internet, and cybersecurity. The concepts covered in this course are useful for anyone living in our technology-dominated society.
  • Advanced Computer Programming

    This course is for students who want to further their knowledge in other programming languages or extend their abilities in a language they already know.  It will be conducted on an Honors Project model.  The student must submit a proposal, including the selected programming language, a learning plan, and final project goal. Accepted students attend class daily to complete their projects.

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