Albany Academies Parents Association

The Mission of the Albany Academies Parents’ Association is to support our school by advocating for the education of our children, fostering a strong sense of community, and promoting a collaborative relationship between parents, faculty, and staff. Our objective is to help fulfill the Academies’ general goals and purposes and to assist in its continued growth.

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  • AAPA Meeting Schedule

    Meetings will be held in the Schellenberger Alumni/ae Center located on 93 Academy Road at 8:00 a.m. on the first Thursday of every month (with the exception of 9/15 and 4/13). Street parking is available. 

    September 15, 2022
    October 6, 2022
    November 3, 2022
    December 1, 2022
    January 5, 2023
    February 2, 2023
    March 2, 2023
    April 13, 2023
    May 4, 2023


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  • Executive Board

    President - Alexis Clement P'27, '29, '32
    Vice President - Emily Casale P'29
    Treasurer - Trina Lucas P'25
    Secretary - Diane Lerner P'29, '29

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  • Room Parents

    At least one Room Parent per grade on each campus facilitates communication via email between The Albany Academies, the AAPA, and families to relay important information to parents. The Room Parent also coordinates and communicates with the Teacher or Division Representative about class/grade-specific activities (field trips, holiday parties, etc.) throughout the school year and shares information with parents.  They also help organize the classroom, division, or school community-building events and assist the Teacher or Division Representative with class-specific questions.

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AAPA Positions & Descriptions

The AAPA is comprised entirely of parent volunteers. By assuming a leadership role with the Albany Academies Parents’ Association (AAPA), parents help to foster community among all parents at The Albany Academies for the enrichment of our students’ school experience.  Please see the position descriptions and responsibilities below as well as the current contact information.

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  • AAPA President - Alexis Clement P'27, '29, '32

    The President presides at both AAPA Board and AAPA general meetings and works closely with the school administrators, Room Parents, and committee chairs.  

  • AAPA Vice President - Emily Casale P'29

    Acts on the President's behalf in the President's absence and assists the President in the daily activities of the Parents’ Association.

  • Treasurer - Treasurer - Trina Lucas P'25

    Prepares the financial statements of the Parents' Association. Keeps track of all revenues and expenditures, and presents a report at monthly meetings.

  • Secretary - Diane Lerner P'29, '29 

    Takes attendance and writes and distributes the minutes for the AAPA monthly meetings and the AAPA Board meetings.

  • New Parent Liaison - Natasha Bang P'22,P'24,P'27

    Works with the Director of Admissions, Division Heads of School, Deans, and Room Parents to create and implement plans for a new family’s transition into the Academies community. Fields questions from new families and answers or directs them to the best source of information.

  • Arts Council Chair - Renee Hohensheldt P'25

    Works with a committee and the Albany Academies Arts Faculty to support arts at the Academies.  The Council assists with Splash! A Taste of the Arts, an evening parent-only fund-raiser for the Arts, and Celebration of the Arts (COTA), a school-wide celebration of all the arts offered at the Academies (this event is held on a Saturday in April).

    Chair - Renee Hohensheldt P'25 - rhohensheldt@gmail.com
  • Athletic Council Chair - Andy Safranko ‘91, P'23, P'26

    Works with a committee and the Athletic Directors to communicate information to parents, assist athletes, and help organize Legacy of Dreams, an evening parent-only fundraiser for athletics at the Academies.

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  • AAPA Lower, Middle, Upper School Division Representatives

    A parent with a student in the divisions he/she represents (AA/AAG Lower, Middle, and Upper School) will serve as the Division Rep for that division and oversee Room Parents in that Division.  Division Reps meet monthly with Division Heads to communicate parent/Room Parent concerns. They also forward any division-specific communications from AAPA or the School to parents in their Division or disseminate information through Room Parents. 

    Lower School
    • AAG - Kristan Pelletier P'32, P'36
    • AA - Matt Clement P'27, P'29, P'32
    Middle School
    • AAG - Leo Pulcher P'27, P30
    • AA - Tammy Pelkey P'27
    Upper School
    • AAG - Kaari Stannard P'23
    • AA - Trish Craig P'26
  • Fundraising Chairs

    Cara Milde P'26, '29 - carasofia@yahoo.com
    Carly Connors P'28 - carly.connors@yahoo.com
  • Room Parents

    • Angie Graziano - angie@caphill.com
    • AA - Vivian Chen - ronglei.chen@gmail.com
    • AAG - Kristan Pelletier - pellitierk@albanyacademies.org
    • AA - Allie Stover - alliestover@gmail.com
    • AAG - Kara Becker - kara.e.becker@gmail.com
    Grade 1
    • AA - Open position
    • AAG - Open position
    Grade 2
    • AA - Emily Vega - emilybega81515@gmail.com
    • AAG - Patrick Noonan- patrickdnoonan@hotmail.com
    Grade 3
    • AA - Hope Salin - hsalin02@gmail.com
    • AAG - Kristan Pelletier - pellitierk@albanyacademies.org
    Grade 4
    • AA - Lynne Kimball - kimball.lynne@gmail.com
    • AAG - Annette Grajny - grajnyal@gmail.com
    Grade 5
    • AA - Elizabeth Spiers - elizabethspiers05@gmail.com
    • AAG - Colleen Chase - Colleenchase08@gmail.com
    Grade 6
    • AA - Emily Casale - ecasale713@yahoo.com
    • AAG - Danielle Stokely - daniellestokely@gmail.com
    Grade 7
    • AA - Carly Connors - Carly.connors@yahoo.com
    • AAG - Caren Kotlow- caren.kotlow@fastsigns.com
    Grade 8
    • AA - Kathy Brown - Kathleenbrownhealth@yahoo.com
    • AAG - Stephanie Martell - stephaniemartell@yahoo.com
    Grade 9
    • AA - Trish Craig - parcierocraig@gmail.com
    • AAG - Open Position
    Grade 10
    • AA - Christine Ritigliano - ccrutigliano@icloud.com
    • AAG -Kelly McCready - mccreadyka@yahoo.com
    Grade 11
    • AA - Diane Duvall - dduvall.aaail@aol.com
    • AAG - Open Position
    Grade 12
    • AA - Ann Vartuli- avartuli@nycap.are.com
      • Jessica Dailey - jndailey38@gmail.com
    • AAG - Kaari Stannard - kaari@yesapples.com

  • Senior Class Representatives

    A parent of a Senior student will act as Room Parent and, in addition, facilitate communication between the School/Associate Head of School and Senior parents and dissemination of information to Senior parents for the many Senior-specific events.

  • Social/Appreciation & Recognition

    The Chair will organize gifts from the AAPA for any retiring faculty member.  These gifts are often hand-made artworks by Academies’ students or other student-created tokens.

    Chair - Trina Lucas P'25
    Cara Milde P'26, '29
  • Uniform Exchange Chairs

    Organize donations and sales of used uniforms at the annual summer sale and throughout the school year.  There is one chair for AA and one for AAG.

    Contact Uniform Exchange Chairs:
         AA -  Diane Duvall P'24 - dduvall@aol.com
         AAG -  Tajah & Julie Umar P'36 - 0826jandt@gmail.com

    If you are interested in any gently worn uniforms for the upcoming school year, please contact AAPA President Jenny Levy at jenny@22lax.com.

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