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Welcome to The Albany Academies' Upper school where academic achievement and personalized growth prepare each student for success in college and beyond. Our commitment to fostering curiosity and cultivating innovative thinking distinguishes our approach to education. Through individualized learning and small class sizes, our dedicated teaching professionals focus on the process of learning and help each student grow into the best version of themselves. We believe in creating a learning environment that cultivates each student's passion, creating a meaningful and rewarding high school experience.
We have a history of preparing students to take on the work of the most selective colleges. Students are challenged—but with unparalleled support. Learning is very personal here. Classes are small so teachers can form a bond with each student. It's an environment that builds self-confidence and a love of learning. Students become curious, critical thinkers, with independent, creative minds.
It's important that students feel "they belong" during middle school. Our students feel secure in a supportive, family-like atmosphere. The student/faculty ratio is 6:1—which makes it possible for teachers to really get to know each student on a personal level. Students meet with an advisor daily, ensuring everyone is fully engaged—academically and socially.
Life at The Academies is full of rich opportunities for a well-rounded education. We have an extensive arts program—offering visual arts, theater, music, and a dance program that's unique to the area. Students can choose an independent project—researching an area of personal interest for 3 months. Athletics play an important role at The Academies. Here "everyone plays", meaning each student is required to play at least one team sport. We believe the social benefit is as important as the athletic.

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