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Living in another country is something that most people never have the opportunity to do. Students will return home with new knowledge, cultural understanding, maturity and lifelong friends from their host country.

Welcome to The Albany Academies International Student webpage! I hope you will use this resource to begin learning about our school before taking the next step to contact us about joining our community.

At The Albany Academies, international students are important and valued members of our student body. We sincerely believe in a goal of fully integrating our international students into our student body, and work hard to support them in realizing this goal. We do this because we think that the skills our international students learn at The Albany Academies make them desirable candidates for admissions to some of America's best colleges and universities and, more importantly, will allow them to be successful college students.
~ Christopher Lauricella, Head of School

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    Jessica Chen 

    International Student Support Program Director

International Student Program

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  • Academic Support

    The International Student Program offers additional academic support to students, in addition to standard academic support offered to all Academy students.
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  • Host Families

    Our cultural exchange program provides a unique experience for foreign students by allowing them to live with a host family while attending The Albany Academies.
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  • Events

    Throughout the year, The Albany Academies hold many activities for international students to learn about American culture and to teach the community about our international students' cultures.
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  • Community

    The Albany Academies have a small concentration of international students from across the world including Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, South Korea and more. 
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  • College Process

    The Albany Academies help international students with college applications from 10th to 12th grade.
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  • Location of The Albany Academies

    The Albany Academies are located in the heart of the Tech Valley region in Albany, New York, a 19-county section of eastern New York State that stretches from the Canadian border to Orange County.
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