Our History

The Albany Academy (founded in 1813) and Albany Academy for Girls (founded in 1814) have illustrious histories and many notable graduates.

In 2013 and 2014 we celebrated the Bicentennial of both schools and ushered in our third century of excellence in education. It was a time to tout our achievements, honor our first 200 years of academic, artistic and athletic distinctions and express our gratitude to those that helped get us here.
The Albany Academy for Girls and The Albany Academy archives hold many documents, paintings, and artifacts dating from the earliest years of the two Academies and the full span of two centuries. Two short histories of The Albany Academy and Albany Academy for Girls are available and a historical publication of AAG has been published.

The Albany Academies: A City and a School

    • A documentary produced by WMHT in celebration of our bicentennials.

If you have any questions about Albany Academy for Girls or The Albany Academy archives, please contact our archivist at archivist@albanyacademies.org

Upper School Campus

Lower And Middle School Campus

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