Student Services

Advising and Counseling

A strong faculty advisory system, supported by professional counselors, offers academic guidance and fosters emotional and social growth.

The Advising program at The Albany Academies allow students to meet on a regular basis with a faculty member who knows and cares about them. The advisor develops a rapport with the student and serves as a mentor, with a foundation built on trust and strengthened through personal interactions with the advisee.

The Advisor also develops connections with parents and helps students to succeed in all areas. Their responsibilities include:

Meet the Faculty

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Meghan Holdsworth

    Meghan Holdsworth 

    Director of Student Support Services
  • Photo of Kendra Cunningham

    Kendra Cunningham 

    Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Jennifer Dalto

    Jennifer Dalto 

    Language Interventionist
  • Photo of Meaghan See

    Meaghan See 

    Literacy Specialist
  • Photo of Judi Morrissey

    Judi Morrissey 

    Learning Specialist & After School Program Director
  • Photo of Lisa Strain

    Lisa Strain 

    Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali 

    Learning Specialist

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