The Music program at The Albany Academies

All Academies’ students are able to explore music throughout their school journey. From learning the fundamentals to having the opportunity to learn an instrument or be in the chorus, to Upper school students continuing their performance journey in ensembles, and being able to take advantage of our AP Music Theory course. 
Music in our ECA program takes basic musical ideas and develops them with our young learners to become curious, purposeful musicians with the fundamentals of music techniques and ideas.
In Lower School Music continues to develop skills and choices that reflect the character and identity of the students and lead them to be curious and creative musicians
The students’ musical Art journey continues through Middle School with more independence with being able to choose vocal or instrumental music and then learning higher-level music cognitive skills to develop as curious critical musicians.
Students then can choose to continue in Music as part of their Art Credit in Upper School advancing to the top levels of instrumental and vocal music to become diligent students of the musical arts expressing their high character and showing their curiosity as critical musicians.

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  • Lower School

    The music classroom is always active as music is something that should be experienced with the entire body. In every music class, students sing, dance and play music games.
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  • Middle School

    The Middle School Music program expands on the performance opportunities for student-musicians. 
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  • Upper School

    Upper School students have the opportunity to continue the development of technical ability, improved characteristic tone quality, and mature musicianship within the ensemble setting.
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Additional Opportunities

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  • AP Music Theory

  • Music Appreciation

    Music Appreciation involves a study of Western and World music in its evolution from pre-Greek to contemporary with an emphasis on cultural context. Students will learn to recognize the stylistic features and performance practices of each major genre of music. Music Appreciation is designed to provide students with the written, aural and analytical skills necessary to understand music more fully. Students acquire skills in ear training, sight singing, musical notation, interval recognition, scale development and harmonic progression. Students will create compositions, starting with composing for solo instruments, progressing to composing for ensembles, which may be performed at the school concerts and recitals. Each student will end the course with a portfolio of written and recorded musical compositions.


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  • Photo of Alexandra Kouloriotis

    Alexandra Kouloriotis 

    Middle School Music Teacher
    (518) 429-2300
  • Photo of Jennifer Stella

    Jennifer Stella 

    Visual & Performing Arts Faculty
  • Photo of Matthew Streifert

    Matthew Streifert 

    Visual & Performing Arts Faculty
    (518) 429-2300

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