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Welcome to The Albany Academies' Middle School where we support and nurture students during the critical stage of their educational, social,  and emotional development. We recognize that each student is an individual, with unique experiences,  and we work to develop their skills and knowledge. Small classrooms create an environment that specifically targets the developmental needs of every student. Presented with challenging objectives, our students are fully prepared for the challenges of Upper School and beyond.
In middle school, students are actively involved in learning—working collaboratively in small groups where they're more engaged and become comfortable expressing their ideas. They are encouraged to become resourceful, independent thinkers. Classes are single-sex—so teachers can inspire learning by using methods that work best for each gender.
It's important that students feel "they belong" during middle school. Our students feel secure in a supportive, family-like atmosphere. The student/faculty ratio is 6:1—which makes it possible for teachers to really get to know each student on a personal level. Students meet with an advisor daily, ensuring everyone is fully engaged—academically and socially.
Life at The Academies is full of rich opportunities for a well-rounded education. We have an extensive arts program—offering visual arts, theater, music, and a dance program that's unique to the area. Students can choose an independent project—researching an area of personal interest for 3 months. Athletics play an important role at The Academies. Here "everyone plays", meaning each student is required to play at least one team sport. We believe the social benefit is as important as the athletic.

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