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  • Q.
    What is the History of Strategic Planning at The Albany Academies?

    The Albany Academies is currently working within a strategic framework that was developed in 2013 and concluded in 2018. With new school leadership in place, we are now poised to create a new five-year strategic plan.
  • Q. How will the Community be Informed of the Strategic Process and Plan?

    Periodic updates will be posted to the site, as well as featured in future Head’s Letters. For current school constituents, updates on the plan will be formally provided at an annual “State of the School” address given by the Head of School, and informal updates will be provided to faculty and staff at professional development opportunities.
  • Q. Why Engage in Strategic Planning?

    An effective strategic planning process and the resulting plan serve as a roadmap for the future. Similar to planning a trip itinerary, the process identifies the optimum opportunities and outcomes we believe The Albany Academies can provide for students, families, faculty, and staff, and develops strategic paths for realizing them.

    The plan and process will help us:
    • Enroll in a shared, aspirational vision for the future of the School
    • Realize our mission in the most effective way possible
    • Identify and capitalize on opportunities
    • Respond to or plan for potential threats
    • Identify and take advantage of current strengths
    • Understand and remediate current weaknesses
    • Optimize the use of limited resources
    • Maximize our long term success
  • Q.
    What will the Strategic Plan Ultimately Look Like?

    The desired outcome is a document that provides:
    • A clear vision for where we are going as a School, with a small and manageable set of goals for the next five years.
    • An accounting for the resources necessary to achieve these goals, including money (a long-range budget), time (our schedule and calendar), and personnel.
    • Tactics for implementation, accountability for who is responsible for specific elements of the plan, and a timeline that sets expectations and measures progress.
    • A clearer appreciation for what authentically differentiates The Albany Academies from other schools as well as a shared understanding of our unique educational model.
  • Q. What Kind of Goals and Objectives Should I Expect to See?

    A strategic planning process will lead to a set of decisions about what are current priorities for The Albany Academies and what are not current priorities. With this in mind, while all good ideas will be heard and considered, only a few of them will ultimately be distilled through the planning process into major goals and objectives. These will represent what are determined to be the highest leverage activities that maximize the School’s effectiveness and provide optimal outcomes for our students.
  • Q. Who will be Involved in the Strategic Planning Process?

    An Expert Facilitator. The Albany Academies are fortunate to have formed a partnership with Trustee Jennifer Amstutz P’19, ‘21, who has significant experience working with nonprofit organizations in facilitating strategic planning processes. Jennifer will be offering invaluable guidance and leadership for both the process and the plan.
    Key Stakeholders. Everyone with a stake in the school will be invited to participate, including students, faculty, past and present families, alumni and alumnae, administrators, trustees, and friends of the School who might provide valuable insight into the future needs of our graduates.
    A Strategic Plan Committee. A small, ad-hoc Strategic Plan Committee has been formed by the Board of Trustees staffed with volunteers who are representative of many of the key stakeholders listed below.
    This committee has been formed for the express purpose of organizing and developing a Strategic Plan for 2019 through 2024. It is responsible for:
    • The Logistics of the planning process
    • Gathering information from Key Stakeholders
    • Analyzing and presenting data to the Board of Trustees
    • Assisting the Board of Trustees in framing objectives and developing strategic paths
    The Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees authorizes the strategic plan, governs the policies and resources necessary to implement the plan, and regularly monitors progress on plan goals. Click here to view the Board of Trustees.

    The Leadership Team. The School’s Leadership Team is responsible for operationalizing the strategic plan and regularly reporting on progress towards plan goals. The Leadership Team is comprised of:
    • Bramble Buran, Director of Enrollment Management
    • Chris Lauricella, Head of School
    • Pamela MacAffer, Chief Financial Officer
    • Scott Milliken, AA Associate Head of School
    • Shelly Reid, Assistant to the Head of School and Board of Trustees
    • Donna Ruggiero, AAG Associate Head of School
    • Ann Wendth, Director of Institutional Advancement

  • Q.
    How will the Strategic Planning Process be Conducted?

    Information will be gathered through:
    • Broad engagement with The Albany Academies’ key stakeholders, both through in-person forums and survey research
    • Review of pertinent existing data and documents
    • External sources that might provide insight into our marketplace and the future needs of our graduates.
    Analysis of all this information will be conducted by the Strategic Plan Committee and presented to the Board of Trustees. Based on this analysis, the Committee will also highlight those issues that seem most critical for the Board of Trustees to consider when developing strategic plan goals and objectives. Once these strategic goals are formulated and approved, the Strategic Plan Committee and Leadership Team will partner on developing the tactical plans necessary to realize the major goals and objectives.
  • Q.
    When will the Strategic Planning Process be Conducted?

    The following is an approximate timeline. A schedule of specific dates and events will be provided and updated as they become available.
    • January 2019: Strategic Planning Process Begins
    • Spring 2019:
      • Existing survey information from the 2018 Head’s Entry Survey shared with the Strategic Planning Committee and community
      • Data gathered from standing volunteer groups and committees
      • Focus groups or town hall meetings convened
      • Analysis of existing school data conducted and shared with Strategic Planning Committee
      • Additional data gathered as needed
    • June 2019: Board of Trustees conduct a retreat and develop major strategic goals and objectives
    • Summer 2019: Strategic Planning Committee and Leadership Team operationalize a plan to meet the major goals and objectives
    September 2019: Board of Trustees approve and publish TheAlbany Academies 2019-2024 Strategic Plan to the School’s Website.
  • Q. How will the Community be Informed of the Strategic Process and Plan?

    A section of the School’s website has been devoted to the Strategic Planning Process. Periodic updates will be posted to the site, as well as featured in future Head’s Letters. For current school constituents, updates on the plan will be formally provided at an annual “State of the School” address given by the Head of School, and informal updates will be provided to faculty and staff at professional development opportunities.
  • Q. What if I want to get Involved with the Strategic Planning Process?

    If you completed the Head’s Entry Survey, in the Spring of 2018, the information you shared is part of a data set that is being analyzed by the Strategic Planning Committee. This information will likely be supplemented by additional survey research, so If you receive additional survey requests from us we hope you will take the time to respond. Time will soon be scheduled for feedback sessions with volunteer groups and committees, as will focus groups and town halls for other constituents. This schedule of meetings will be updated on the Strategic Planning page of the Website.
You are most welcomed to send any other questions about the Strategic Planning Process via email to Head of School Chris Lauricella at lauricellac@thealbanyacademies.org.

Strategic Planning Committee

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Jennifer Amstutz

    Jennifer Amstutz 

    Trustee, Parent, AA '19, '21
  • Photo of Carl G. Becker

    Carl G. Becker 

    Trustee, Alumnus '04
  • Photo of Bramble Buran

    Bramble Buran 

    Director of Enrollment Management, Past Parent AA '10, AAG '07, '08, '16
  • Photo of Nancy Carey-Cassidy

    Nancy Carey-Cassidy 

    Trustee, Board President, Past Parent, AAG '15, AA '13
  • Photo of McKenzie Fruehwirth

    McKenzie Fruehwirth 

    AAG Faculty, Alumna '00, Parent AAG '29, AA '33
  • Photo of Peter Hansen

    Peter Hansen 

    AA Faculty, Alumnus '91
  • Photo of Chris Lauricella

    Chris Lauricella 

    Head of School, Parent AAG '20, AA '22
  • Photo of Kaari Stannard

    Kaari Stannard 

    Trustee, Parent, AAG '20, '23

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