Tuition, Fees & Affordability

2024-2025 Rates

List of 7 items.

  • Early Childhood

    Pre-K & K................. $15,770
  • Lower School

    Grades 1–4................. $19,850
  • Middle School

    Grades 5–8................. $23,350
  • Upper School

    Grades 9-12 (PG)................. $26,850

  • International

    Interntional students —  $43,400
    International Health Insurance — $2,495
  • Additional Expenses

    • Transportation -- A private busing program is available to families in Columbia, Greene, and Saratoga Counties.
    • Extended Day Program -- We provide an Extended Day Program from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on each campus.
    • Lunch program - $575/yr
    To learn more, please contact CFO Vivian Benton at
  • Tuition Deposit

    To enroll a student and secure his space at The Albany Academy, a $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit is required along with a signed enrollment contract. This payment will be applied to the tuition balance.

Tuition Includes

  • Early Bird Program -- Students may arrive on campus at 7:15 a.m. for the Early Bird Program, which provides adult supervision and age-appropriate activities.

  • Textbooks -- Student textbooks are provided by the student's home school district in accordance with their textbook policy. Once a student is enrolled, The Albany Academies' Registrar's Office will send a textbook list to the parents to sign the form and send it to their child’s home school district.

Please note that there will be a $500 dining fee per student (non-optional). Foodservice provides a healthy, nutritious morning snack and lunch every day that includes a hot lunch menu, salad bar, deli bar, and fresh fruit.

In accordance with New York State law, a student's home school district must provide transportation to and from school within a 15-mile radius. Families should call their local school district transportation department to make bus arrangements.

Payment Options

Listed below are several payment options available to families. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Business Office by calling (518) 429-2300 or
  • Single Payment: Offered for full payment by July 31
  • Two Payments: Two convenient payments – July 31 and November 30
  • Up to Ten Payments: $50 annual fee per family, no interest, no credit review, no prepayment penalty, Automatic life benefit coverage, convenient monthly payments through TuitionPay administered by Blackbaud.

Financial Aid

The Albany Academies offers a Financial Aid program designed to bridge the gap between the school’s tuition and what a family can afford.  The Albany Academies has chosen Clarity to administer our Financial Aid applications.  Our goal is to make the Financial Aid process as easy as possible for your family.

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How do I apply for financial aid for the 2024-25 academic year?

    To begin your Financial Aid application, please follow these steps:
  • Q. When should I apply for financial aid?

    Financial and Admissions decisions are communicated at the same time.  It is best to apply for Financial Aid when you submit the Application for Admission.
  • Q. How do I apply for financial aid if I am divorced or have never married?

    We require that both natural parents contribute to the cost of education to the full extent of their ability and cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses. Both natural parents and any step-parents are required to complete a Clarity Financial Aid application. The cooperation of both parents is required before Financial Aid awards are determined.
  • Q. How is financial aid determined?

    The Financial Aid committee will consider families' Financial Aid requests using the information provided from your application and tax documents. Please be as thorough as possible with the information you provide in your Clairty Financial Aid application. Incomplete or unclear information could cause delays. 
  • Q. How much is awarded in Financial Aid and scholarships? When are Financial aid decisions made?

    Financial aid awards typically consume between 10 and 50% of a student’s tuition. 
    Students will be considered for scholarship opportunities as part of the Financial Aid process. Scholarships are awarded in March and April, so we recommend families apply as early as possible.
    Financial and Admissions decisions are communicated at the same time.  It is best to apply for Financial Aid when you submit the Application for Admission.
  • Q. Will my child receive aid in subsequent years?

    Financial aid awards are renewable for subsequent years, as long as the demonstrated need continues, the student remains in good standing, and the funds are available. Applications for financial aid must be submitted annually by the published deadline.
  • Q. Questions?

    Contact the Office of Admissions at

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