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Art is one of the most powerful vehicles that The Albany Academies use to enable students to discover the world and their self.


The Albany Academies has the most robust Visual and Performing Arts program in the Capital Region. Every student is a student of the Arts at The Academies. Our goal is to show that everyone has the ability to express themselves and communicate their thoughts through their own creativity. Our faculty see the student first, and from wherever they are, takes them on a journey of techniques, skills, and discovery to give them the support and the ability to express their true selves and to be confident that their voice is important.

Here is just a small overview of what we offer our PreSchool to 12th-grade students.

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Rich Johnson
Visual and Performing Arts Director

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    Richard Johnson 

    Visual and Performing Arts Director; Middle & Upper School Theater & Filmmaking Teacher
    (518) 429-2300

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