Student Services

Student Support Services

Our Mission
To promote student success and well-being
by focusing on the development of the whole child
in the areas of social-emotional support and academic intervention. 

Our Services

Counseling: Our Counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students and helping to develop a positive school climate by:
  • Helping students manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills
  • Providing short-term counseling to students
  • Providing referrals for long-term support
  • Conducting school counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards
  • Advocating for all students
  • Helping to improve equity and access, achievement, and opportunities for all students
  • Providing social-emotional support to all students

Academic Intervention Services

Learning Specialists: Our Learning Specialists work with students who have diagnosed learning differences to provide the support and accommodations necessary for student success by:
  • Working collaboratively with faculty and administration across all divisions to support students
  • Developing and updating individual student Learning Plans
  • Providing the necessary supports and accommodations to ensure student success
  • Working on individualized academic interventions

Literacy Specialist: Our Literacy Specialist provides K-4th grade classroom support and is responsible for guiding, leading, and assessing how to help students improve their literacy skills to reach their academic goals by:
  • Working collaboratively with classroom teachers to implement quality reading, writing, and spelling programs that meet the needs of students.
  • Assessing the reading strengths and needs of students that can provide information to teachers, parents, and specialized personnel to provide effective literacy instruction.
  • Working one-on-one or in a small group setting with students to provide individualized instruction that supports their literacy growth.

Language Interventionist*: Our Language Interventionist provides targeted or intensive reading intervention services for students in grades K-6 by:
  • Providing individualized or small group reading interventions to improve reading skills
  • Helping students improve their decoding skills
  • Teaching students strategies to overcome phonological processing deficits
*This service is an additional fee and not included in tuition

Student Support Services Team

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Meghan Holdsworth

    Meghan Holdsworth 

    Director of Student Support Services
  • Photo of Kendra Cunningham

    Kendra Cunningham 

    Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Jennifer Dalto

    Jennifer Dalto 

    Language Interventionist
  • Photo of Meaghan See

    Meaghan See 

    Literacy Specialist
  • Photo of Judi Morrissey

    Judi Morrissey 

    Learning Specialist & After School Program Director
  • Photo of Lisa Strain

    Lisa Strain 

    Mental Health Counselor
  • Photo of Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali 

    Learning Specialist

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