Our Distinctive Approach to Academics

What are we preparing our students for?

Albany Academy for Girls and The Albany Academy have been preparing students for college and leadership for over 200 years. In that time the definition of “preparatory” has changed quite a bit—one thing that is certain is that it will continue to change. Today, we’re educating in new ways for the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead.

We live in an age of ceaseless innovation where the future belongs to those who create it.

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  • The Academies Family

    When students and graduates are asked what was special about going to school at The Albany Academies, the most frequent reply is that it was “family.”
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  • Active Learning

    Active Learning engages students in the discovery of information and the development of skills through experience.
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  • Character Development

    The Albany Academies—both of them--are over two hundred years old. During that time, obviously, the curriculum has changed with the times, but some central commitments of the two schools remain the same: the development of leadership abilities and character.
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  • Education for Leadership

    Albany Academy for Girls and The Albany Academy were originally founded to educate the future leaders of Albany and the surrounding area.
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  • Global Education

    The Global Education Initiative at The Albany Academies broadens students’ worldview through guest speakers, cultural exchanges, and group trips.
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  • Infinite Opportunities to Learn

    Students at The Albany Academies are extraordinarily busy with learning from morning to evening– this often extends to weekends and vacation times as well.
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  • Personal Attention

    The relation between a teacher and each student is extraordinarily important to learning, both cognitive and emotional.
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  • Single-Gender Education - With a Blend at the End

    Boys and Girls are very different. They learn differently; they learn at different rates; they mature on different schedules. There are great advantages to their learning separately from each other—to a point.
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