Albany Academy for Girls offers the only dance program in the Capital Region designed for students of all ages.

During the year, each grade level enjoys the opportunity to be involved in a group choreography project based on creative collaboration and the elements of dance composition. A variety of grade level specific opportunities occur, including dancing in a Renaissance Faire. All Middle School students perform in the annual Celebration of the Arts held each spring.

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  • Lower School

    Lower School students in Pre-K through Fourth Grade eagerly look forward to dance class, where the emphasis is on creative movement, self-expression and beginning Modern Dance.
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  • Middle School

    In Middle School students are exposed to various dance styles and techniques, including Ballet, Modern dance, Limon technique and Horton technique.
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  • Upper School

    There are two classes offered to Upper School students: Dance Workshop and Dance Repertoire. 
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Traditionally, Wassail is a hot, spiced punch often associated with winter celebrations of northern Europe - usually those connected with holidays such as Christmas and New Year. The term itself is a concentration of the Old English wes hál, or “be thou hale!” (i.e. be in good health).

Wassail has evolved from a Grade Eight play of “St. George and the Dragon” to a Glee Club Concert to an afternoon and evening that includes singing and dancing, an Upper School choral performance and performance of Dance Workshop.


M.O.V.E. (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience) is a research-based curriculum, developed by Linda Bidabe in the 1980s, which emphasizes mobility, independence and skill development in every aspect of life for a person who has a disability: in the classroom, at home, in job training, at work and in recreation activities.
This unique partnership allows AAG dance students the opportunity to collaborate with professional dancers and individuals with disabilities on an inclusive, community outreach program through dance.


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  • Photo of Claire Jacob-Zysman

    Claire Jacob-Zysman 

    MS and US Dance Teacher
  • Photo of Eve Whelchel

    Eve Whelchel 

    AAG Dance Teacher

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