What’s a school for?

by Nicholas Forcier - Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Think about the best people you know. You can define “best” and “know” however you want in this context. 

How many of them are the best people you know because they repeatedly did well on tests in school? I’ll venture a guess: zero.
That doesn’t mean there’s no room for tests in great schools. In fact, research has shown that thoughtful, well-designed tests and quizzes can be really effective in helping students retain information. And tests aren’t going anywhere soon - history shows us that the things we’ve done consistently over hundreds of years don’t tend to go away quickly.

It does mean that what a school can offer in terms of intangibles (confidence, grit, persistence, character, etc...) means everything. The best people you know are the best because they’re some combination of smart, resilient, insightful, compassionate, high-character, honorable. A school’s mission and core values can tell you a lot about what they’ll do for your child.

And of course, you can always come and see for yourself.   

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