Our Distinctive Approach to Academics

What are we preparing our students for?

Albany Academy for Girls and The Albany Academy have been preparing students for college and leadership for over 200 years. In that time the definition of “preparatory” has changed quite a bit—one thing that is certain is that it will continue to change. Today, we’re educating in new ways for the creative, entrepreneurial century that lies ahead.

We live in an age of ceaseless innovation where the future belongs to those who create it.

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  • Active Learning

    An innovative curriculum builds skills that complement what students learn in the classroom.
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  • Well-Rounded Curriculum

    We offer a strong college preparatory education that includes advanced courses as well as a multitude of arts, athletic, and community service opportunities.
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  • Character Development

    The Academies teach qualities such as integrity, compassion, perseverance, and honor.
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  • Leadership

    The Leadership Program fosters creative thinking.
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  • Single-Gender Approach

    Our model is unique and the only one in the Capital Region.
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  • Personal Attention

    Small classes and individual attention are our hallmark.
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  • Global Education

    Our global education initiative broadens students’ worldview through guest speakers, cultural exchanges, and group trips.
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  • Inclusive Environment

    The Academies are a close, tight-knit community where students of all ages and backgrounds feel a sense of belonging.
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