Celebrating Chinese New Year!

One of the many joys of working in a school that embraces a global worldview is the opportunity to explore how cultures around the world make meaning of and celebrate the rhythms of the natural world. This week is the beginning of spring festivals in asian cultures, which was explored in a variety of ways throughout the school.

Chinese Honor Society (CHS) arranged for upper school students (Sam K. '20, Jack G. '20, and Nicholas D. '22,) to visit Mrs. See's First Grade class to teach Chinese words and phrases related to the New Year. They learned Chinese New Year greetings as well as how to say and write the Zodiac animals. CHS members helped the First graders make lanterns to decorate their classroom.

On Tuesday, CHS prepared and handed out the traditional New Year's gift, 红包 hóngbāo (red envelopes) to every student in the upper school. 红包 are traditionally filled with money, but CHS filled theirs with candy. The CHS and International Club co-hosted a lantern-making party where students decorated lanterns with the Chinese characters for "pig," "good fortune," and "spring" and well as traditional New Year's wishes to hang up around the school. Chinese language students also made calligraphy and origami decorations to decorate the Chinese classroom, while enjoying traditional New Year's treats.

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