100 Days of School Celebration


Students in Mrs. Hanifin's class each created their own t-shirt featuring a design of 100 things which they modeled for the Pre-K, first, and second grade students in our class fashion show.  They have also worked to complete 5 different STEM Challenges using trial and error. The challenges included creating a tower with 100 paper cups, creating a multi tier cake with play dough and 100 wishes, and creating the number 100 with 100 legos. 


Students in Mrs. See's first grade class celebrated 100 years of school on Wednesday!  Mrs. See surprised them all with personalized t-shirts to wear. Since the first day of school, students have completed a daily prompt in their writing journal. On Wednesday, they celebrated their 100th writing with a perfectly designed prompt: "A perfect birthday cake would be decorated..."  They also completed a writing assignment about what their life would be when they are 100 and drew a self-portrait of themselves as centenarians!


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